Fresh seafood from the coast is now available in Beckley thanks to a new traveling food truck, Dock to Table Provision Company.

The new mobile seafood truck, owned and operated by Tommy and Stephanie Scott of Bridgeport, started due to the lack of fresh, hard-to-find seafood options in West Virginia.

Tommy grew up in Beckley. After living in Charleston, S.C., for some time, he was frustrated with the lack of fresh seafood options when he moved back home to West Virginia.

“We knew we were close enough that we could run down and back in a day,” Tommy said. “We had relationships with fishermen, and we started doing it.”

Dock to Table Provision Company travels the East Coast from the Gulf all the way up to New England to bring fresh catches to West Virginia. Its most recent seafood comes from Louisiana.

The company says all the seafood on their mobile refrigerated truck is fresh and unprepared. However, they provide detailed instructions and recipes online for customers.

“Everything here is two to four days out of the water,” Tommy explained. “It’s never been frozen. We only buy what we can get rid of.”

The company has a partnership with the Bridgeport Country Club, which buys any unsold seafood at the end of the week. They’re hoping to add partnerships with other local businesses.

On Monday, Dock to Table Provision Company had variations of fresh fish, gulf shrimp, crab meat and crab legs. The selection changes weekly, depending on what the fishermen are catching.

“Everyone in West Virginia likes very mild white fish that’s easy to cook,” Tommy said. “Cod and catfish are popular here.”

The food truck carries a variety of fish including Louisiana Red Fish, a very firm mahi mahi type fish; Kobea, a firm steak-like textured fish similar to snapper; Seabram, a white firm halibut textured fish; grouper; and salmon, among others.

Dock to Table Provision Company posts a travel schedule on social media to alert customers on where they will be each week in the Mountain State. They currently travel to Morgantown and Bridgeport in addition to Beckley.

In the coming months, Tommy says they’re hoping to add live crab, oysters and clams to their offerings.

“We’re working right now with a group in Louisiana,” he said. “It’s a different handling process and temperature control so we’re working on it.”

Tommy says he wants the public to know that they’re not just a typical food truck selling packaged food on the side of the road.

“We’re licensed through the FDA, Department of Agriculture and we have all of our fishing processing licenses,” he said. “We’re not a fly-by-night deal.”

Dock to Table Provision Company says the response from Beckley locals has been amazing since they started in August. They’ve sold over 3,000 pounds of seafood in 30 days.

“What we know is people are liking the experience of coming to the truck. We’ll talk to you about the fish... about the shrimp. We’ll tell you how to cook it. People are loving the experience,” he said. “Once you take it home and try it, you’re going to be a customer with us forever.”

Dock to Table Provision Company will be set up in the Beckley Plaza in front of the Plaza Mall Sunday, Oct. 14, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information about Dock to Table, visit them on Facebook or at

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