Daniel makes big 'Stride' in classroom

Mallory Daniel

Over the course of the 2015-16 school year, one Beckley-Stratton Middle School student answered over 25,000 questions in an online program designed to reinforce what her teachers were teaching in the classroom.

The program used in Debbie Jackson’s classroom is called Stride Academy and it’s purpose is to help teachers supplement their lessons with educational questions that students then can use to earn points and credits to play games once they’ve proven they have a handle on the lessons from their teacher.

“It’s a supplemental program that provides extra help with science, math and language arts,” Jackson said. “Each week we can pick and choose goals with what we’re working on in the classroom.”

As a result, sixth-grader Mallory Daniel took to the program, answering the questions asked of her in the Stride online program.

Jackson said she used the Stride program to run a contest in her classroom every week. At the conclusion of each school week the top 5 would win a prize. That’s where Daniel’s success began — finishing at the top each week.

“She’s very competitive,” Jackson said.

But the success that began in the classroom began to show on Stride’s state and national ranking system.

According to Jackson and Daniel, they figured out sometime in late 2015 or early 2016 that she had become the No. 1 student in the Stride Academy system in the state.

That’s when Jackson decided to ask their Stride representative just where Daniel ranked on the national level, which around that same time was 88th in the nation.

“That encouraged Mallory to be No. 1,” Jackson said. “In a couple months she was 30th and just a short time after that she earned the No. 1 spot in the United States in the program.”

“In March I worked really hard and ended up No. 1 in the state and the nation,” Daniel said. “It (Stride) really helps pushing students forward to the next level.”

Overall, Daniel said she had answered over 25,000 questions in the online program.

Jackson said she answered 20,410 in the science category alone, but knew Daniel had been doing questions in other courses as well.

Daniel said she answered questions at the beginning of the school year that were on a fifth-grade level but by the end of the year she was answering, correctly, questions on an 11th-grade level.

“She became obsessed but she’s very goal orientated and wants to be No. 1 in anything she does,” Jackson said.

Daniel had used the Stride program for 6,812 minutes during school hours and about 5,287 minutes in after school sessions.

When students answer questions correctly in the Stride Academy program they earn points; the school record for points at Beckley-Stratton prior to Daniel’s participation was 6 million. Daniel smashed that record by earning 2,147,000,000 points in her quest to become No. 1.

“I gained a lot of knowledge using the program,” Daniel said. “I put in a goal and worked hard to achieve it.”

Jackson said that Daniel is one of her best students.

“She’s very attentive and works well with others. She’s an A-plus student,” Jackson said. “I wish I had 26 more like her. I’m extremely proud of her.”

Jackson said the Stride Academy program in her classroom has helped her to see where students are succeeding and what they’re struggling with in her subject matter.

Once Jackson used the Stride program as a contest in her classroom, she started seeing more student participation in the classroom and the Stride Academy itself.

Jackson said that officials from LTS Education Systems, the organization that runs the Stride Academy program, plan to award Daniel with a certificate, backpack and a trophy for her success.

Daniel is the daughter of Beckley-Stratton Middle School teachers Mark and Melody Daniel.

According to a press release from LTS Education Systems, “Aimed at students in pre-kindergarten through high school, Stride Academy is a cross-platform adaptive learning solution that quickly accelerates learning with engaging curriculum, instruction and learning games engineered to address critical learning standards, including individual state standards and Common Core State Standards.”

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