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The following is a list of incidents reported to police agencies on June 9; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.

Beckley Police

Special Assignment: Harper Road (2), 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive, 212 Park Ave., Main Street (2), Rails to Trails (3), Woodlawn Avenue, Neville Street (4), Wilkes Parkway, Hager Street, Hull Street, 613 S. Fayette St., Maplewood Lane, Temple Street (2), Mankin Avenue, City Avenue (2), Walker Avenue, Mool Avenue (2), 510 Ewart Ave., Klaus Street, Seventh Street, Patch Street, South Oakwood Avenue, 100 Adair St., Lewis-Ritchie Drive (2), Orchard Avenue, Kessinger Street

Traffic Stop: Harper Road, North Kanawha Street, Temple Street

Arrest: McCreery Street

Counterfeit: 1909 Harper Road

Business Check: 312 S. Fayette St., 1732 Harper Road, 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive, 2978 Robert C. Byrd Drive, 4303 Robert C. Byrd Drive 

Foot Patrol: Main Street

Drug Violation: Patton Drive, 1000 block Woodlawn Avenue

Shots Fired: Broadway Street

Trespassing: 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive

Pursuit: Woodlawn Avenue

Unwanted Presence: 99 Rider Drive, 909 Hartley Ave., 2933 Robert C. Byrd Drive

Alarm: 1706 Harper Road, 700 S. Oakwood Ave., 205 Westmoreland St. 

Magistrate Detail: 222 Main St. (2)

No Driver's License: 165 Lee St., Galleria Plaza

Attempt to Locate: Raleigh County

Found Property: 1909 Harper Road

B&E: 1501 S. Eisenhower Drive

Vehicle Towed: Hull Street

Noise-Loud Music: 224 Pinewood Drive

Suspicious Activity: 210 Hull St., 1104 N. Eisenhower Drive, North Eisenhower Drive (2), Second Street, Center Street, 303 Woodlawn Ave., 510 Ewart Ave., 503 Neville St.

Child Abuse/Neglect: Rural Acres Drive

MVA: 4223 Robert C. Byrd Drive, North Kanawha Street

Reckless Driver: Robert C. Byrd Drive

Harassment: 622 Johnstown Road

Domestic: 500 Broadway St. 

Juvenile Problems: 104 Garden Terrace

Panhandling: 2933 Robert C. Byrd Drive

Threats: 500 Broadway St. 

Raleigh County Sheriff's Office

Disturbance: Glen Morgan, Rock Creek, Prosperity, Glen Daniel

Reckless Driver: Daniels (2)

Larceny: Mabscott, Shady Spring

Check Welfare: Cool Ridge, Glen Morgan, Bradley (2), Coal City, Rhodell, Raleigh

Destruction of Property: Rock Creek

MVA: Slab Fork, Beaver

Trespassing: Raleigh, Lanark

Suspicious Activity: Sophia, Bradley, Shady Spring, Beaver, Mount Tabor

Found Property: Beckley

Shoplifting: Glen Daniel, MacArthur

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