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The following is a list of incidents reported to police agencies on July 8; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.

Beckley Police Department

Special Assignment: Appalachian Dr., Prince St. (3), Bypass Plaza, Main St., 2893 Robert C. Byrd Dr., Neville St., Rails to Trails (6), 315 New Jersey Ave., Beckley Crossing, Earwood St. (2) 

Attempt to Locate: 866 Simms Br.

Business Check: 1732 Harper Rd.

Check Welfare: Bypass Plaza, 231 Woodlawn Ave., 208 Main St., 243 S. Heber St. 

Alarm: 700 S. Oakwood Ave., 237 Crawford St., 1407 Maxwell Hill Rd., 205 Ridgeway Ave. 

Prowler: 135 Jefferson St. 

Hostage Situation: 3230 Robert C. Byrd Dr. 

Shooting: 3239 Robert C. Byrd Dr. 

Magistrate Detail: 222 Main St. (2) 

Mail Run: 340 Prince St. 

Stolen Property: 243 S. Heber St. 

MVA: Robert C. Byrd Dr. 

Assist Other Departments: 117 Patton Dr. 

Suspicious Activity: 307 E. Prince St., S. Heber St., 111 Hylton Ln., 1330 N. Eisenhower Dr. 

Larceny: 435 S. Charles St., 118 Mankin Ave. 

Warrant Served: 422 City Ave.

Disturbance: 243 S. Heber St., 200 Galleria Plaza, 1232 N. Eisenhower Dr. 

Unwanted Presence: 303 Woodlawn Ave. 

911 Hangup: 505 Maxwell Hill Rd. 

Parking Complaint: 135 9th St. 

Domestic: 238 Crawford St., 220 Ellison Ave.

Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office

Reckless Driver: MacArthur, Fairdale, Ghent, Bradley

Trespassing: Surveyor, Beaver

Extra Patrol: Daniels, Stanaford, Fairdale, Beaver, Bradley, Sophia 

Suspicious Activity: Eccles, Sullivan, Beckley, Bradley, Mabscott

Disturbance: MacArthur, Cirtsville, Mabscott, Odd

Disabled Vehicle: Piney View

Threats: Stanaford

Larceny: Beckley (2), Glen Daniel

Found Property: Bradley, Daniels

Shoplifting: Shady Spring

Fraud: Coal River, Bradley

Check Welfare: Mabscott, Beaver, Bradley, Bolt, Glen Daniel, Fairdale

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