After the announcement Friday that President Donald Trump will visit the National Scout Jamboree Monday, Boy Scouts shared their excitement Saturday at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. 

Seven of 11 sitting U.S. presidents who have been in office during the time of a National Jamboree have showed up in person to address the crowd of Scouts. President Trump will be number eight. 

According to "Bryan on Scouting," a blog for the Boy Scouts of America's adult leaders, a president showing up to the Jamboree has been a tradition that dates back to the very first Jamboree when President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited the 1937 National Jamboree. 

Roosevelt posed for photographs, awarded an Eagle badge and his touring car was swarmed by Scouts. 

Matthew Madrugg, 14, Boy Scout from Florida said he cannot wait for President Trump's arrival. 

"It's seriously going to be so awesome, I mean, we're going to see the president," Madrugg said excitedly. 

President Trump will address approximately 40,000 participants at the Jamboree Monday, bring together both boys and girls ages 12-18, representing troops from all across the country. 

Since the start of the Jamboree in 1910, each sitting president has served as the Boy Scouts of America's honorary president. 

Most recently, President George W. Bush visited the Jamboree in 2005, President William J. Clinton in 1997 and President George H. Bush in 1989. 

George Laberty, 14, of Indiana, had no other word to say about Trump's arrival other than "sweet." 

"It's so cool to be here during a time the president can make it," Laberty said. "A president doesn't make it to every Jamboree, so it's really cool I get to be here for this.

"If he's going to be here, then I'm going to go all out," Laberty said. "I'm stoked." 

President Trump's appearance will be a private event and will not be open to the public. 

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