Since its inception in 2012, John Howerton Honda has been a staple on The Register-Herald Reader’s Choice list.

This year, the Honda franchise tops the list in the “New Car/Truck” category, along with “Auto Detailing,” and the business placed 2nd in “Used Cars and Trucks” category.

The dealership at 252 Auto Plaza Drive in Beckley, owned by John and Shari Howerton of Daniels, specializes in new Honda vehicles and also keeps an inventory of quality used cars, John Howerton said.

Howerton said that when a shopper walks onto the Howerton lot, the goal is to connect with the person — not to just get a sale.

“It’s not just a car sale,” he explained. “It’s really the start of a relationship, and we make that as clear as we can, without being ‘over the top,’ but it’s, really, just how we feel about it.”

Honda is well-known for its dependability and wide selection of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

“Everyone knows the quality and dependability of a Honda,” said Howerton. “The reliability of a Honda has always been at the top of the list.

“Vehicles come and go, but Honda’s been very consistent,” he added. “So we feel we have, if not ‘the’, (then) one of the best products on the road.

“That always helps.”

While Howerton has the Honda franchise for new vehicles, shoppers who want something outside of Honda are served with a selection of used cars, said Howerton.

“We understand people have different tastes and needs, so we try to stock our used vehicle department with a good selection of vehicles, new and used.”

Howerton believes that the wide selection of vehicles is just one reason that readers have again voted Howerton No. 1.

“I try to have something for everybody, based on their wants and needs and their budget.

“We always try to keep a good selection of vehicles, new and used, so we can fit somebody with what they can afford, what they want and what they like.”

Howerton believes the major reason that John Howerton Honda has ranked consistently high on the list since the dealership’s February 2012 opening in Beckley is the customer service.

Wayne Burge and other members of the sales team take good care of customers, said Howerton.

“We’re just really proud of our group,” he said. “We have people that really know how to take care of people.

“It always sounds like a cliche, but we really do care about how we take care of people.

“We’ve always had the philosophy, ‘we run it like a family-run store.’

“Our customers are really, to us, like an extension of our family.

“That’s the philosophy we’ve always had, because we really feel strongly about when someone comes and entrusts us to sell them a car, and they give us the business, they bless us with their business, we want to make sure that’s the start of a good relationship.”

He said that the Parts and Service Department at Howerton consistently gets top rankings from Honda in its zone.

Howerton thanked readers for voting John Howerton Honda No. 1.

“We’re so blessed and thankful that people would care enough about us to even vote for us to win,” he said.


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