Dozens of high school students from Boone County will visit The Resort at Glade Springs Friday for Apprentice Day — a day giving them the opportunity to experience the different careers associated with a hotel/resort.

The event will allow participating student to work one-on-one with employees from any one department including housekeeping, culinary with Executive Chef Jamie Henderson, pastry, hospitality and general operations management with Jennifer Bowling, sports and recreation, production design, spa and salon, retail and merchandising, social media, front office and office management, security, special events and catering, and gold course and grounds maintenance. 

While Apprentice Day is held year-round and 100 percent free for students, their families and businesses, it’s operated by Apprentice Network, which provides work-readiness and employability education, experience, training and support for youth ages 6 to 21.  

Apprentice Day, which is under Apprentice Network Inc. (ANi), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing young people critical life, work, employability skills and key information about the future world of work enabling them to focus their career interests early in life, a press release stated.

“The experience inclusive of a life/career curriculum, experiential projects and job shadowing and highly skilled navigators, helps them decide on and design career pathways and align educational choices accordingly. With an understanding that the future of work changes with a great deal of rapidity, ANi teaches tools to help Apprentice Network Young Apprentices (ANYAs) discover who they are, determine who they want to be, and how to get there again and again and again,” the release reported. 

This Fall, ANi is launching a Ready2Work Career Academy Pilot for kids ages 11 to14, in Lewisburg, where ANi’s Young Apprentices will have fun learning about the different career and job opportunities available to them in West Virginia, Greater Appalachia, the U.S. and the world.

They will understand how these jobs relate to them today and in their future, Christina Entenmann, Executive Director, said. Also, Young Apprentices will experience job shadowing at ANi’s partner companies, the concept of money management, and more. 

The Ready2Work Career Academy is partnered with Greenbrier County Public Schools and High Rocks Educational Corporation to pilot the Academy open to 80 children from public, private, and home schools in various counties.

The Academy will be open every other Saturday for half a day, where breakfast and lunch will be included. It will kick-off this Saturday, and run until May.

“We all just want to come together and figure out ways that will help kids the most,” Entenmann said.


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