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Charleston — A bill to allow home-schooled students to participate in public schools’ extracurricular activities (called the “Tim Tebow” bill) has once again been introduced in the West Virginia House of Delegates. Read more

CHARLESTON -- It's up to House-Senate conference committee to iron out differences between the House and the Senate on a pay raise bill for teachers, service personnel and State Police Doors to schools in all 55 counties will be closed again Monday, the eighth day of the statewide walkout. Read more

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CHARLESTON — Chaos ruled in the West Virginia Legislature Saturday evening as the Senate finally passed a reduced pay raise for teachers, service personnel and State Police -- but not until discovering it had first voted on the wrong version of the bill. Read more

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CHARLESTON —The West Virginia House of Delegates suspended procedural rules and passed in a 98-1 vote an amended pay raise bill, which had passed out earlier Wednesday by the House Finance Committee. Read more

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CHARLESTON — All West Virginia teachers and public school personnel will join together Thursday and Friday for a statewide walkout, the presidents of the West Virginia Education Association and American Federation of Teachers - West Virginia announced at Saturday's Statewide Day of Action Rally. Read more


CHARLESTON — As rumblings of a teachers' strike persist, hundreds of teachers, school service personnel and other public employees poured into the state Capitol Friday morning, interrupting business on the Senate floor. Read more

CHARLESTON — While the Legislature figures out longterm revenue sources to fund the Public Employees Insurance Agency plan for teachers and state workers, a Democratic delegate from Randolph County has a plan — and his amendment narrowly passed in a 49-47 House vote Wednesday. Read more

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CHARLESTON -- A bill providing pay raises for teachers, school service, personnel and State Police is headed to the full House for consideration after the House Committee on Finance unanimously passed it Wednesday, changing the bill to provide that teachers receive a 2 percent pay increase f… Read more

CHARLESTON – Significant debate consumed Thursday's Senate floor session on two amendments offered by Democrats that would increase teachers' salaries beyond the governor's proposed 1 percent before the amendments ultimately failed along party lines. Read more

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CHARLESTON — The West Virginia Senate unanimously passed a bill aiming to increase access to community college, with one senator calling it "one giant leap for education" in the Mountain State. Read more

Democrat Bill Wooton has filed to return to the West Virginia State Senate – where he served for 12 years, including 10 as chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. Wooton also served in the House of Delegates, including a term as House Majority Leader and a term as Majority Whip. Read more

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Charleston – A bill talked about by legislative leadership and the governor, which aims to increase access to career education and workforce development, was introduced last week in the Senate.  Read more

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