Active Southern WV along with state and community partners is announcing grant funding available to workplaces across the state.

The mini-grant funding will assist workplaces in developing and implementing nutrition, physical activity and other strategies and initiatives to enhance employee wellness. The goal of these grants is to provide resources and support workplaces to create a culture of health. Workplaces will work with Active SWV staff to improve the health of the workforce by identifying outcome measures and goals.

Active Southern West Virginia, along with WV Health Promotion and Chronic Disease, are working to increase access to healthy food, physical activity and other strategies to improve employee wellness. Workplace must have more than 20 employees. These one-time mini grant are $1000 per workplace.

The deadline for application is Nov. 15. For more information contact Workplace Wellness Director, Laura Baker 304-254-8488 or

Mini grants cannot be used to fund: activities taking place at school during the school day, one-time events, clinical care, furniture, political purposes or publicity or propaganda

Mini grants are competitive. Each application will be objectively ranked by a selection committee. The total number of projects funded is dependent on the requested amounts and the strength of the proposals. Projects may receive partial funding.

Below are outcome measures for the workplace wellness mini grants that must be picked from. At least three of the required outcomes must be met:

l Increased fruit and vegetable consumption

l Drink more water

l Reduce sugar sweetened beverages

l Increase physical activity during the workday

l Number and proportion of workplaces that make at least one change in writing or practice to expand access to improve appeal for physical activity or reduced sedentary behavior

l Total number of policy changes

l Total number of system changes

l Total number of environmental changes

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