Pineville Volunteer Fire Department was presented the prestigious Green Cross Award, awarded by Hurst, makers of the Jaws of Life, for the miraculous extrication of Glen Ford, 82, following a Dec. 30, 2008 vehicle accident on Welch-Pineville Road. Ford’s vehicle was struck on the driver’s side by a coal truck, according to officials.

The driver-side doors on Ford’s vehicle were popped open and the roof was cut away from the vehicle, according to officials.

While several attempts were made to raise the dash from Ford’s legs, emergency responders could not pull Ford from the wreckage.

“Firefighters attached the rear of the car to their rescue truck and the front of the vehicle to their engine to pull the car in an attempt to pull the dash off of Mr. Ford’s legs,” explained Craig Long, of Upper Laurel Ambulance, who nominated the fire department for the award.

Long said he considered calling in a trauma surgeon to remove Ford’s legs in order to extract him from the vehicle.

Every extremity was broken, Long said of Ford’s injuries.

“It was the worst accident I’ve ever seen where (the victim) lived,” he told firefighters.

With massive injuries, Ford was airlifted to Charleston Area Medical Center, where he underwent several surgeries. He recovered and was transported to a rehabilitation facility, but died Jan. 14 from a resulting blood cot, according to officials.

Ford survived for two weeks, giving his family invaluable time with him, Heidi Stump, Ford’s granddaughter, told firefighters during the award presentation April 9.

Those sentiments were echoed by Ford’s widow, Anna Ford, who said the fire department had come to the family’s rescue several times.

“Words are inadequate to express what this wonderful team has done for my family...” she told the firefighters.

Long said only one other Green Cross Award has been presented in West Virginia.

Award certificates were presented to participating firemen Chief Jack Lambert, Assistant Chief Mike Goode, Capt. Mike Johnson, Jeff Goode, Mike Kodak Jr., Pat Rutten, Kenny Vanhoy, Clyde Boggs, Kenny Eller, Greg Meadows, Josh Lumbo, Brandon Gilliand, and Josh England.

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