The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

January 14, 2014

University of Charleston's main campus spring semester delayed until Thursday

CHARLESTON — The beginning of spring semester at the University of Charleston main campus has been pushed back to Thursday. Initially, the semester was to begin Tuesday.

Officials at the university are asking residential students, as a result of the chemical spill and water problems in the area, stay away from campus residential lodgings until 5 p.m. Wednesday.

A number of students have been housed  at the UC - Beckley campus since the spill occurred last week.

A spokesman for UC - Charleston said Tuesday that the university has been given the go-ahead to begin flushing pipes, and that began about 4 p.m. Monday in water lines in the food service area and in resident halls.

But there are detailed steps that must be followed in every building on campus. At every faucet or shower head we will be running the hot water for at least 15 minutes followed by running the cold water for 5 minutes. All restrooms, locker rooms, laundry rooms, training rooms, science labs, and all other areas with water fixtures will be flushed.

Food service and other equipment that uses or stores water, like the pool, will be drained and filters replaced before returning them to service.

School officials have stayed in constant communications with students since Thursday, using the School Messenger phone and text alert system, e-mail and social media. The effort was aided by the emergency prep conducted last year when a mock emergency was held on campus.

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