Now that kids are home from school, get them outdoors and away from their electronics. Make this the summer of nature. Exploring fields, woods, and streams is a great way to spend quality time with your children. It just requires a few simple tools.

Being a dad can be complicated. There are days we stand in victory formation for all the world to see while other days, well, aren’t the ones for the highlight reel. That’s simply part of it and being a dad is a wonderful part of life. To celebrate all things dad and to honor fatherhood, we … Read more

I’m often asked when and how I developed my interest in nature. The “when” is easy. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved animals of all kinds. As soon as I learned to read, I’d spend hours with encyclopedias and any other books that included pictures and stories about animals. Read more

After 10 months of high school and college sports, the final bell has rung, concluding the 2017-2018 school year for all of the area student-athletes. For me, this is a familiar feeling, being only 18 months removed from college — one of relief, but also one of reflection. Read more

For those of us who cherish the outdoor lifestyle, there are moments throughout the year that we simply look forward to. These moments, often not planned, remind us of something prior in our world that invokes joy. Although we may know roughly the season or time of year, the actual day the m… Read more

‘Tis the season to enjoy large, winged creatures on the back porch. And I’m not referring to birds. I’m describing some of the more conspicuous giant silk moths. Read more

ambi didn’t do us any favors. In the 1942 animated film produced by Walt Disney, there was lots of beauty and wonder, and plenty of giggles for the kids and cuteness by the truckload. I saw it as a kid and I am betting that most of you reading this did, too. Read more

In a news release the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources reminds people to “leave young wildlife alone.” Each spring as the woods and trees green up, many wildlife species give birth. The forests around us abound with new life during this time of the year. Read more

Well, the numbers are in and it’s official. It’s time for all of us turkey hunters, successful or not, to read them and weep. Numbers don’t lie but then again, sometimes they don’t tell the whole truth. Here is the reality: West Virginia’s 2018 spring turkey harvest was largest in 15 years. Read more

We’ve reached the conclusion of the 2018 softball season, but the ending is a familiar one. Hurricane, Herbert Hoover and Wheeling Central all repeated as champions in their respective classes and the Region 3 Class A and Class AA representatives both went two-and-out.  Read more

I spit out the diaphragm call and rubbed two mosquitos off my forehead. The gobbler had not made a sound for 30 minutes and I knew it was over for today. I turned and looked back at my hunting partner, Travis, and he gave me the palms upward, raised shoulders sign as if to say, “What the hec… Read more

In 2017, Fayetteville and Wyoming East represented Region 3 in the Class A and Class AA softball state tournaments. Neither team made it past the first day, but there are lessons learned and experiences gained through failure. For both the Lady Pirates and Lady Warriors, that message should … Read more

As a group of individuals who are passion about our favorite pastimes of hunting and fishing, we collectively spend a great deal of our disposable income on gear. In fact, I have often been called a “gear hound.” And apparently, I’m not alone. Read more

Choosing the best of anything is both subjective and debatable. I consider the following birds the best of spring migration because: (1) they are easy to see; (2) they are easy to identify by sight and/or voice and (3) they are spectacularly beautiful. Read more

The kingfisher is a crazy bird. They fly erratically, have a call which may be described as a cross between an injured chipmunk and pebbles on a tin roof, and they nest in a hole on a muddy riverbank. Kingfishers are noisy, flighty, beautiful and funny looking all at the same time and I love… Read more

Sometimes bird names can be confusing. For example, not all blue birds are bluebirds. Indigo buntings and blue jays are blue birds, but they are not bluebirds like the beloved cavity-nesting eastern bluebird. Read more

Last week a reader wrote, “Scott, I recently read a report that said the federal government killed 624,845 red-winged blackbirds, 357 gray wolves, and 69,041 adult coyotes last year.” That can’t be true, can it?” Read more

For us lucky ones who chase wild turkeys in the spring, it’s almost over. Let me rephrase that sentence to be more accurate. For those of us who chase wild turkeys in the spring, it’s halftime. Read more

The guy on the phone was pretty excited. “I can’t believe this!” he shouted into my bad ear, which is only slightly worse than the other one. “These raccoons have taken over my back yard, I can’t keep them out of my bird feeders, they won’t let my cats around their food bowls, and one of the… Read more

It’s hard to believe softball season is near its conclusion already. Maybe that’s because it’s been a bit of an abbreviated season with the weather we’ve had. Nevertheless, sectional tournaments are arriving next week. Read more

On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day, 20 million Americans launched the modern environmental movement.  Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 1962 sowed the seeds that triggered a national environmental consciousness.  Read more

I’m generally not one to complain. Well, that is about hunting and fishing in West Virginia. We simply have it too good to complain about much. However, I am gong to complain a little — merely a smidge. Read more

Mikey Kluska lived in Pittsburgh until he and his family moved to Greenbrier County when he was 12. He never was a Pitt fan — or Penn State, for that matter — but didn’t know much about the Mountaineers, either. Read more

It’s been a crazy spring so far with the weather all over the place. Is it January or April? Then, throw in two days of summer last weekend and I’m just as confused as the budding flowers and trees. Read more

It’s a little early to hear bullfrogs and toads, but wood frogs always get a head start on spring. As soon as ice and snow melts, they emerge from woodland leaf litter and sing. Read more

Each week a new group of birds passes through the yard as they wing their way north. Some stay to nest, while others continue their journey. So far, I’ve welcomed killdeer, woodcock, phoebes, field sparrows, chipping sparrows, and purple finches. They are familiar old friends. I recognized e… Read more

In one week another spring gobbler season will begin. This time of the year the morning starts with waking up well before daylight and heading to a high ridgetop to listen for the first gobbler to sound off revealing his location. The bare woods of winter are starting to come back to life as… Read more

Another Masters is in the books — the 12th such event for which I have been fortunate enough to receive a media credential to cover what I consider to be the best sporting event in the United States. Yes, I consider myself extremely fortunate, and I never take the experience for granted. Read more

No one had to remind Dave Morrison what Saturday was. The anniversary of the day a person’s life completely changes tends to stand out. Read more

The daffodils were in bloom. The grass had little patches of new growth, making the winter-flattened front lawn look alive again and choppy. If you looked hard enough, you could see the trees pushing their buds out from their recently dormant limbs. The earth was warming and awaking more and… Read more

augusta, ga. — Ted Potter Jr. was back at the Masters for the first time since 2013, a ticket he punched with his 2012 victory at The Greenbrier Classic, but his opening day didn’t go quite as planned — at least early on. Read more

Last week a friend sent me a photo of a baby cottontail small enough to fit into the palm of his hand. It had been lying, lifeless, on a welcome mat by the front door, courtesy of a neighbor’s cat. It reminded me that baby season, for better or worse, is under way. Read more

The onslaught of seed and garden catalogs has begun; it must soon be spring. During the annual season of renewal, we are often tempted to invest a fair amount of time and money getting our yards and gardens ready for another growing season. Read more

morgantown — On Wednesday, West Virginia’s Jevon Carter was named a third team All-American by the National Basketball Coaches Association, a high honor, although there are many who believe he deserved better. Read more

Bo Wolfe is a grinder. In Bo’s terminology this means he is a person who is out there squeezing the most out of every day. A grinder keeps going regardless of how tough things are; a grinder keeps going no matter how difficult the job is or the degree of adversity he or she is confronted wit… Read more

Longer days trigger a northbound wanderlust in migratory birds. Back in January the first hints of migration appeared when a few turkey vultures sailed over the house. Ruby-throated hummingbirds have already reached the Gulf Coast. Follow their return at Read more


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