The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 27, 2014

Wyoming man arrested after allegedly beating another man with a hammer

By Cody Neff
Register-Herald Reporter

BECKLEY — A Wyoming County man was in jail Wednesday after allegedly beating another man’s head with a hammer and then running from police, the Beckley Police Department said.

Casey Dale Browning, 30, of Bud, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with malicious wounding, fleeing from police, obstructing and battery.

The incident started when police were called to 110 Combs St. about an assault with a hammer, according to the criminal complaint.

Cpl. T.M. Capehart found a victim on the ground holding his face. A growing pool of blood formed around the man’s head. Capehart tried to talk to the victim, but the man kept passing out. The victim had a large gouge in the back of his head and blood was streaming from the wound. His back was also bruised.

The victim, Jared Calhoun, was taken to Raleigh General Hospital. Calhoun told police it was Casey Browning who had hit him with a hammer, the report said.

Doctors said more X-rays were needed to get the full extent of the victim’s injuries, but they were able to figure out that some of the bones in Calhoun’s face were broken.

Back at the scene, a witness said Browning had attacked her boyfriend with a hammer before he ran away.

The witness says she heard glass breaking so Calhoun got out of bed and asked Browning what he was doing. She says she heard Calhoun tell Browning to be quiet because everyone was in bed.

A fight broke out and the witness says she went into the hallway and saw Browning beating her boyfriend with a hammer. Any time Calhoun would try to move, Browning would smash him in the head again, the report said.

A second witness said she heard a loud noise from downstairs and decided to see what it was. When she made it upstairs, she told police Browning was breaking glassware and throwing things. Browning reportedly turned and screamed at her “What the f*** are you here for, you d**e?”

The second witness says he shoved her into the bathroom. Calhoun told Browning not to be rude because she had paid rent and was a guest, the report said.

Browning then started punching Calhoun before he grabbed a hammer and started to beat the victim in the face with it, according to police. She saw Calhoun take the hammer, but Browning stood up and started to kick Calhoun while yelling “I’ll kill you!”

The second witness says Browning stopped kicking Calhoun, took the hammer, wiped it on his shirt, then walked out the back door.

Another officer, Cpl. Michael Deems, showed up at the scene to help. While the two officers stood outside, they heard branches breaking just over the hillside. The two say they saw Browning and told him to stay still. Browning started to run so Deems chased him to the area of the New River Park Exhibition Coal Mine where he was arrested, according to the report.

The hammer used to allegedly beat Calhoun was never found, the criminal complaint says.

Casey Dale Browning is in Southern Regional Jail on a $20,000 bond.

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