The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

April 19, 2008

Think again

<h3><b><center>Rich Rod would be wise to fire agent and lawyer</h3></b></center><BR>

Rich Rodriguez obviously isn’t as smart as he thought he was, and neither are his agent and lawyer.

As the litigation moves forward in this fiasco, the case against Rodriguez seems to be growing by the day. Late last week the WVU Foundation said it wants to recover $30 grand in legal fees and expenses from the former fair-haired boy after his legal counsel included the foundation in a lawsuit. The foundation was eventually dismissed from the action by Monongalia County Circuit Judge Robert Stone.

Then comes word that the former director of the Mountaineer Athletic Club, Larry Aschebrook, was the administrator that Rodriguez’s coaching cohort, Calvin Magee, fingered as the person who supposedly made a racial slur by insinuating Magee, an African-American, would never get the head coaching job in Morgantown because of the color of his skin.

Aschebrook, who worked at WVU for less than a year and has resigned to take a position at Arizona State, vehemently denies the accusation and says Rodriguez intimated that if Aschebrook would side with him, he would find work for him at Michigan.

Package that up with some remarks made by Rodriguez’s lawyer a few weeks back in which he compared the former Mountaineer coach to a slave and, wow, don’t you have to start wondering what’s up here?

You have to assume Rodriguez approved of that analogy proffered by attorney Marv Robon.

The chips are piling up on the side of WVU in this contest of Texas Hold ’em. Both sides are all in and it’s looking more and more like WVU is holding a pair of aces and Rodriguez has drawn a pair of Jokers, i.e., agent Mike Brown and Robon.

One of these days when Rodriguez deflates that ultra-large ego of his — and that could be years from now — he’s going to realize how his own guys took him to the cleaners.

Of course, it might not take that long because his wallet sure appears as if it’s going to take a beating fairly soon. He’d better hope he gets that $2 million he’s seeking for his former residence out on Cheat Lake; he’s going to need it.