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Our Readers Speak — Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Posted: Sunday, March 30, 2014 12:03 am | Updated: 2:55 pm, Tue Jul 29, 2014.

EPA protects state’s, nation’s water and air

An article in this morning’s paper quoted Sen. Manchin as stating: “For too long, the EPA has been waging a destructive war against energy production, and it is costing countless American jobs and investment opportunities.”

Destructive? Energy producers have been waging a destructive war against West Virginians, demanding the right to pollute our streams and our air in the name of the almighty dollar.

The EPA is the only entity fighting for the people of West Virginia (and the entire country) to preserve our clean waters and air from the rapacious greed of the energy producers. In their greed, they are destroying the natural beauty that makes West Virginia special. And our politicians, Republican and Democrats alike, are hand in hand with big coal, gas and oil.

We have plenty of investment opportunities in solar energy, wind energy and small manufacturing that will not destroy the natural beauty with which we have been blessed. More good permanent jobs can be created in these industries than we will ever see again in coal mining or gas fracking.

The attacks on the EPA are attacks on the people of West Virginia. Sen. Manchin should be ashamed. But then, he has annual income of about $1.5 million from his coal sales business. Greed seems to be the road to destruction of West Virginia.

Robert S. Baker



State government must attract jobs

Wake up, W.Va. government!

How long will you continue down this road of the disassembling of West Virginia?

We must make West Virginia attractive to business and industry. Our state cannot survive with tourism as our main income for the state.

We need new business and industry to pay a fair tax (not an elevated one). The more business-friendly, the more businesses coming means we can afford to take a lower rate.

The more business and industry that comes in means more dividends; then we will be able to support the needed road maintenance, schools and other things that we the taxpaying citizens of the state are struggling to pay for because of the lack of business.

West Virginia government leaders, it won’t be long with the shrinking funds from the few businesses and the citizens, that we will not be able to support our own government. That means some of you will be going or offices in the courthouse will have to close.

West Virginia is a beautiful state; let’s promote this along with a good workforce that we must require in any job no matter what it is.

Our children are having to leave the state in order to work. Mine have. Let’s take our West Virginia back, people!

Suzette Hardy

Oak Hill



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