No, it’s not your birthday and you probably just came off a vacation. But if you need a reason to celebrate and do a little bit of traveling, this is still the week for it.

This week, the Mountain State will celebrate its 155th birthday. It is a milestone, of course, but the walkup to this year’s celebrations feels a little different. There is a buzz in the air. West Virginia is making national news as the backdrop for the newest entry in a wildly popular video… Read more

Stoking mob fear and adding to hurtful and false stereotypes of people addicted to opioids, council members and Mayor Rob Rappold allowed chambers on Tuesday night to devolve into a pit of innuendo and fear mongering when citizens – encouraged by the applause of at least two council members … Read more

This past legislative session, Coach Jim Justice – otherwise known as the governor of our state, coal baron, billionaire businessman and, yes, high school girls basketball coach – sat on the bench while the sausage was getting stuffed into law. He rose to the occasion only a couple of times … Read more

During this era in which instant gratification seems realistic to all too many people, President Donald Trump’s administration is doomed to disappoint them tomorrow. Read more

West Virginia has been behind the curve when it comes to women in office, particularly in the U.S. House of Representatives. In our history, we’ve elected only two women to Congress – one being Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., who served seven terms as a congresswoman before being elected… Read more

When forces align against them, most politicians and public servants who have obviously abused their office for personal gain can read the handwriting on the wall – whether they want to or not. Read more

If West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry has an ounce of honor and humility left in his being, he will spare us all the spectacle of the regurgitation of the purported sins of yet another public official drunk on his own power, offer up his resignation from the court and head bac… Read more

Precisely what the West Virginia Department of Commerce did incorrectly in mismanaging a gigantic program meant to help victims of June 2016 flooding remains unclear. Still, remarks by Gov. Jim Justice on Monday leave a trail of dots to be connected: Read more

At the end of the school year, West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Steven Paine inducted 221 students into the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe, as a sign of their knowledge of our state’s culture and history. For many young people, this award is among the highest honors they will receive… Read more

The June 2016 floods in West Virginia left thousands of people’s homes in disarray and killed about two dozen residents. State officials acted quickly to seek federal help to recover from the disaster, and money was allocated. Read more

Here in West Virginia, we don’t ask whether it was the chicken or the egg that came first. Here, we ponder whether it was the corruption in government or the complete lack of accountability that came first. Read more

West Virginians – citizens and their elected representatives in Congress and the Legislature – ought to pay attention to new research that shows gun suicides declined significantly in Connecticut and Indiana after lawmakers in those two states passed laws allowing police to temporarily confi… Read more

We trust this holiday weekend has found you enjoying good food and good times with family and friends. Read more

With the decision this past week to bump tuition at West Virginia University by 5.7 percent for the coming school year at a time when the Legislature is sending more money to Morgantown via a 5 percent pay raise for all state employees, it’s time to sit down and figure out just how much high… Read more

We are throwing a penalty flag on spineless, billionaire National Football League owners for bowing to political pressure, ignoring our nation’s principles and ruling that players must set all protests aside and stand during the playing of the national anthem. Read more

The latest example of runaway drug pricing has pitted the industrial town of Rockford, Ill., against specialty drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, which runs its U.S. business from Hazelwood, Mo. Rockford, with fewer than 150,000 residents, accuses Mallinckrodt of price gouging a… Read more

Young people in West Virginia (and their parents) are told time and again they are facing greater challenges than their peers in almost any other state. It can feel like an impossible task to overcome all we are told we are facing. Read more

Understatement of the year: With an initial cost projection to the state of $50 million to adequately fund the public employees’ health plan through the Public Employees Insurance Agency, a subcommittee of the governor’s task force assigned to find a solution to this big ol’ bag of problems … Read more

When the Boy Scouts of America announced last fall its plans to begin allowing girls into the program, it seemed like a natural progression for the organization. Read more

When Gov. Jim Justice was campaigning for his current position, he said he would be the state’s biggest cheerleader. And there’s no doubt he has lived up to his claim: He is the state’s biggest advocate. Read more

For once, Hillary Clinton is right on target. Her warning about negotiations over North Korea’s weapons buildup is absolutely correct. Read more

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey earned a hard-fought victory last week in the bruising GOP U.S. Senate primary race. His win now sets up a marquee match-up for this November with incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin. Read more

President Donald Trump deserves all the credit in the world for moving quickly and successfully to secure negotiations with the rogue state of North Korea and its tyrant and erratic dictator, Kim Jong-un. Read more

For those of you concerned about whether Russians and other bad actors around the globe are trying to subvert our nation’s democracy and set us against one another by interfering in our electoral process (they are, by the way), here’s your chance to fire back: Go vote. That’s what patriots do. Read more

Now that the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce’s “Meet the Candidates” forum has come and gone, we’re all the more certain that if politicians want the support of citizens, they need to master the basics. First of all, show up. It’s a matter of respect. Read more

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said last week he is leaving Congress because he doesn’t want his children to reach adulthood having experienced only a “weekend dad.” After 20 years in Congress, Ryan’s decision is understandable in that light. Read more

This has been quite a week down here at News Central. Thursday, in particular, was the kind of day that keeps me rolling out of bed. There was one engaging conversation after another, give-and-takes with top-shelf journalists from inside the building and with passionate young professionals –… Read more

Syria was not the only, or even the most important, target in last week’s attack on chemical weapons facilities in that country. The focus was on deterring use of such fearsome armaments by any nation. Read more

No one wants to deny relief from pain to West Virginians who truly need opioid prescription drugs. So there is a line between limiting their access and shutting down the notorious pill mills that have helped to create the substance abuse crisis in our state. Read more

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Now that the summit between the United States and North Korea is in the rearview mirror, how would you grade it?

President Trump, and North Korea's Kim Jong Un met in the first ever historical summit meeting on Tuesday. There were a lot of hot topics to be discussed at this meeting that many speculate were touched on but not with much urgency from either side. The success of the summit wasn't a foregone conclusion. Information taken from the Associated Press

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