washington — Put yourself in the room with immigration officials and try to imagine exactly which argument would convince you that separating children from their migrating parents would be a good idea.

As I looked up, the stairs continued to spiral into the sky. But as I looked down, I realized I was too far gone to turn around. I was somewhere between the sky and the ground, and my hands began to sting with cold sweat while my stomach decided to become a gymnast. I was a mixture of panic … Read more

washington – Well, it happened: The president and the dictator met, shook hands, looked each other in the eye, smiled for the cameras – and lied through their teeth. Read more

When I was twelve, I remember feeling my heart tingle and a smile appear at the simple mention of a little baby being born. The baby would be my nephew, and I would be his aunt – even though it seemed I was too young. Read more

The unprecedented, historic and weird summit (Dennis Rodman might be there) between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, scheduled to begin Tuesday, if there are no surprises, could produce the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, or just more of the same lies and dissembling … Read more

washington – Call me naive – I’ve been called worse – but it never occurred to me that Roseanne Barr’s firing would be viewed by some as a political statement. Read more

Tennessee Williams wrote in “The Glass Menagerie” that time is the longest distance between two places. ¶ It was ever so June 5, 1968, in Pierre, South Dakota, for this young wire service reporter covering that state’s presidential primary as the final results dribbled in and the clock neare… Read more

I was running late. I said that I’d be there at 5 (or around that time), but I was about 15 minutes away and the clock on the dashboard was telling me that I was seven minutes behind schedule. I was sure this boy was going to hate me, and he had every right to. I was the one who had suggeste… Read more

WASHINGTON — Of course, I’m jealous of Ivanka Trump — because any criticism of another woman has to be jealousy, according to the letters I shall receive. In the following order, I want her wardrobe, hair, makeup, private transportation and height (5’11”) — and all of her trademarks in China. Read more

washington — Facebook ads purchased by Russia during the 2016 campaign, and released by Congress earlier this month, reveal a clear intent to create havoc in the U.S. — and should make Americans both wary and embarrassed. Read more

On Memorial Day, we pay tribute to the courageous service of the men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. It’s because of their commitment, bravery and valor that we remain a safe, strong and secure nation. Our strength is unmatched around the world – and will remain so … Read more

This Memorial Day, we are reminded of the many service men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Honoring those who have fallen includes making sure their family members and fellow service members have all of the resources and help they need when they return home. Read more

Last year, I graduated high school. Some say that it’s a huge accomplishment, while others aren’t that easy to amaze. As for me, I thought that going to my own graduation was a bore. But as the one-year mark shows its face, I’m starting to realize that some things weren’t offered in the high… Read more

WASHINGTON — At a time when more than 400,000 children are in foster care nationwide, the city of Philadelphia is threatening to cut ties with Catholic Social Services because of the group’s policy against placing foster children in same-sex households. Read more

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” he could not have foreseen today’s Republican Party. Read more

Artificial sweeteners are everywhere, but the jury is still out on whether these chemicals are harmless. Also called non-nutritive sweeteners, these can be synthetic – such as saccharin and aspartame – or naturally derived, such as steviol, which comes from the Stevia plant. Read more

The Revenue and Cost Subcommittee of the Governor’s “Fix-PEIA” task force in finding a $50 million annual cost increase in funding to be daunting. Cutting benefits to counteract skyrocketing costs, like prescriptions, is unlikely to be effective or adequate. For example, the new Novartis’ Ky… Read more

washington— The Trump administration has gone further than any previous U.S. government in expressing full-throated support for Israel in the recent clashes that left dozens of Palestinians dead, isolating itself internationally and further relinquishing its role as a Middle East peace broker. Read more

melbourne, australia — When you hear “world tour” you usually think of superstars performing concerts in various cities for adoring fans. Not so with the presidentially deprived, entitlement-driven Hillary Clinton. Read more

washington — When Donald Trump said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” it’s a good thing he didn’t say horses. Read more

Recently, it was reported that the U.S. Unemployment rate dipped to 3.9 percent – a rate that once was termed “Full Employment” and touted as a positive achievement. Read more

washington — Given the cornucopia of issues Americans have to select from each day, the recent firing and rehiring of the House of Representatives’ chaplain may not have bestirred many to form an opinion. Read more

Here, life is different than the rest. The trees are alive, and the hollow roads sing with every curve and twist. Meanwhile, the people here always stand firm, with delicate words and calloused hands offered to any who ask. In these mountains, we have developed our own way of life. Without k… Read more

pawley’s island, s.c. — When I moved to Washington several years ago, a D.C. veteran whispered a warning that she had learned from her father: New York is tough, but Washington is mean. Read more

In his oft stated campaign to drain the swamp of special interests from federal government, President Donald Trump – to date – is apparently forgiving the ethical lapses, lavish spending of taxpayer dollars and outright administrative sins of Scott Pruitt, Environmental Protection Agency dir… Read more

W hen I was younger, like every other child, I believed in the magic of holidays and little creatures that would swoop down under my pillow and snatch the tooth I had hidden. I thought I saw bright lights and joyful bells fly across the winter sky when Christmas was near and hoped that reind… Read more

WVU President Gordon Gee recently used the label “Goldilocks University” to describe West Virginia University during his “Ask Us Anything” tour at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling. Guess he means students who come there will find something for everybody. “[W]e want to make the University soar even… Read more

“You can’t shake hands with the devil, and say you’re only kidding.” That’s the line that came to mind when I read about an effort by West Virginia Democrats to help Don Blankenship become the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate by running ads attacking his competition. The scheme has awful r… Read more

pawleys island, s.c. – Courage isn’t required to condemn the Syracuse University chapter of the Theta Tau fraternity for simulating a sexual assault on a disabled student. Video of this ape-ish display, now in wide circulation, should horrify anyone with an ounce of decency. That is, assumin… Read more

While public officials may be concerned about running a needle exchange program as was reported recently, we think it would be fiscally prudent for the state health department to figure out how such a service can be extended to even more people in need, to all reaches of West Virginia. Read more

The successful strike of teachers and service personnel in West Virginia, which led to similar actions in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona and Colorado at last count, brought into focus legal and contractual issues in labor relations. Read more

As an orange stream of melted ice cream plopped down at my feet that were carelessly dipped in mud, it was only then I realized that the ice cream had melted onto my hands. It was like a small waterfall of sweet rain that was constantly dancing between my cupped hands but fell miserably into… Read more

washington — As sabers rattle ever louder across fields, plains, oceans and deserts, President Trump’s words from earlier this year haunt the stable mind: Read more

Eating out is always a treat, especially when food is fresh off the grill and fills the atmosphere with glorious aromas. But when service lacks, things take a different turn. Sometimes things aren’t perfect, and the waitress seems to always trip over invisible shoelaces whenever she walks ou… Read more

I have been taught and I have learned that if you practice your craft with passion and perseverance and pay attention to the pesky particulars, the scoreboard will take care of itself. Read more

I believe that a goal shared by all political parties in our state is to help West Virginia families achieve economic success and independence. Unfortunately, a simplistic recipe of arbitrarily mandating work for Medicaid enrollees has been under discussion in West Virginia. Such a recipe do… Read more

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Now that the summit between the United States and North Korea is in the rearview mirror, how would you grade it?

President Trump, and North Korea's Kim Jong Un met in the first ever historical summit meeting on Tuesday. There were a lot of hot topics to be discussed at this meeting that many speculate were touched on but not with much urgency from either side. The success of the summit wasn't a foregone conclusion. Information taken from the Associated Press

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