A BB gun can do more damage than you might think. It’ll shoot your eye out and it’ll do more than $15,000 in damage to a car lot.

Five days after 13 vehicles at Lewis Nissan were shot with a BB gun, Beckley Police arrested a man and a juvenile in the crime.

Bobby Dale Meadows II, 42, was arrested for shoplifting Tuesday, leading police to his involvement in the Lewis vandalism.

“Our road patrol officers arrested two individuals for shoplifting at Wal-Mart,” Detective David Allard said. “In their possession they had some BB guns and accessories. Through information we already had, we were able to positively identify them.

“They both did confess. Bobby Meadows is currently in jail on shoplifting-related charges. I’m going to get warrants on him for felony destruction of property and conspiracy to commit a felony."

The pair shot up several other businesses, Allard alleged.

“Patty’s and a dollar store were shot up,” he said. “There was also a hydraulics place on Dry Hill Road called Heritage equipment that got shot. This wasn’t over the same night. This was over a week.”

So why would two people cause damage to local businesses?

The two told Allard that they were just bored, the detective reported.

The juvenile faces similar charges as those that will be brought against Meadows, Allard said.

“We’re happy that we were able to make an arrest in this case,” he said. “We’re glad to able to solve the case for a business that has been in the community for so long and done a lot in our area.”

The general manager of Lewis Nissan said he couldn’t be happier.

“It’s good news for Beckley to know that this has been solved,” Chad Hopkins said. “This makes our police look good when they can solve a crime so quickly. They don’t get near enough recognition for the work they do.

“They’re out all night and up early in the morning when they haven’t even finished the last day. Enough recognition could not come to them for the great work they have done. In less than five days he had the people in custody. He did a great job and stuff like this rarely goes solved. He made sure it was handled in no time flat.”

Hopkins said they’re not taking the incident lightly.

“We’re going to push it to the furthest limit to show that it’s not OK to go and shoot someone’s windows out,” he said. 

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