Sophia-Soak Creek students unveil iPad productions for Veterans Day

Chris Jackson/The Register-Herald Veterans watch as first-grade students from Sophia-Soak Creek Elementary School sing the “Pledge of Allegiance” during a program honoring veterans at the school Monday.

Sophia-Soak Creek Elementary School teacher Charlotte Turner unveiled three digital packages produced by students to honor veterans.

Students had produced the video tributes to veterans on their iPads, and Turner showed them as part of the Veteran’s Day 2014 celebration at the school Monday.

Fourth grader Chase Nelson used bouncing graphics, lively music, eye-catching color and a variety of patriotic images that he juxtaposed into a cleverly-arranged montage, “Veterans on the Loose,” that resembled a trailer for a movie.

“Chase may have thought he was just having fun, but the thing of it was, he was going in, pulling information from different wars and putting different pictures together,” Turner noted. “So this is very exciting.”

Jenna and Jordan Harvey, twins and also fourth-grade students, produced a news segment in which they interviewed veterans.

“This is wonderful,” Turner said. “They have learned so much.”

Harley Gunther, fourth grade, also produced an interview segment with a veteran, asking questions about his military rank and his most memorable experiences.

Turner said Harley was the first student who turned in her iPad video.

Several veterans were recognized and honored, including Petty Officer Daniel Via, a Raleigh schools computer technician, who spoke at the event.

Following a welcome by Becky Hendrick, Sophia-Soak Creek principal, a video tribute and a march by local veterans, the ceremony was filled with music and poetry.

Second and third grade students regaled parents, educators and fellow students with musical renditions of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “There Are Many Flags in Many Lands,” “America” and closed with “God Bless America.”

Both first- and second-grade students led the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

Several students gave poetic readings.

Leslie Hughes delivered “In Flander’s Field,” and Alyssa Austin recited “You Fought For Me — I Thank You,” a poem that was collectively written by classes of fourth and fifth grade students at Sophia-Soak Creek, said Turner.

Isaac Mitchell offered “A Time of Remembrance — Grandpa’s Bible.”

T.J. Salango of Independence High School closed the ceremony with “Taps.”

Turner recognized the students who had turned in iPad-produced videos as part of the “Veterans Meet the ‘Digital Natives’” Veteran’s Day interviews.

Video honorees were fifth-grade students Danny McVey and Waylon Jennings and fourth-graders Leslie Hughes, Isaac Mitchell, Dillon Toler, Adriana Buchanan, Alexis Graham, Haleigh Clemens and Jacob Clemens.



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