The following is a list of incidents reported to police agencies on Nov. 28; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.

Beckley Police

Attempted burglary: Prince Street 

Bomb threat: Grey Flats Road 

Burglary: Mason Street 

Check welfare: Prince Street, Hager Street 

Disturbance: Jerome Van Meter Drive, Lincoln Street 

Domestic: Hager Street, Harper Road 

Fraud: Prince Street, Russell Street 

Harassment: Quarry Street 

Intoxicated person: Third Avenue 

Larceny: Mills Avenue, Park Avenue, Hargrove Street 

Motor vehicle accident: Johnstown Road, South Eisenhower Drive 

Panhandling: Robert C. Byrd Drive

Prowler: South Eisenhower Drive 

Reckless driving: Sandstone Drive 

Shoplifting: Robert C. Byrd Drive (2)

Shots fired: South Heber Street 

Suspicious person: Harper Road (2), Third Avenue, Robert C. Byrd Drive, Prince Street 

Threats: Earwood Street, Falcon Circle 

Unwanted presence: Woodlawn Avenue, Rollingwood Drive

Raleigh Sheriff

Check welfare: Crab Orchard, Daniels, Terry 

Disturbance: Whitesville, Sweeneysburg, Shady Spring 

DUI: Raleigh 

Larceny: Shady Spring, Amigo 

Motor vehicle accident: Beaver, Odd, Crab Orchard 

Vandalism: Piney View, MacArthur