A widowed county employee and a retired construction manager are making a dynamic charitable duo with their new business — Doris’ Reliable Handyman Service.

Doris Groseclose and Ballard Johnson recently teamed up to create a handyman business, which not only helps customers with their honey-do lists, but also gives a portion of every job they do to the Women’s Resource Center.

“We both sit on the WRC board and we thought, ‘What can we do to make a constant donation?’” Johnson said.

Groseclose’s husband helped her out with work around the house, but after his passing 11 years ago, she turned to contractors. She had some issues with the contractors, so she and Johnson saw a way that could provide a service to the community, as well as a service to a cause they feel so strongly about.

“We thought since I’m a retired construction manager, this could help us and help the Women’s Resource Center,” Johnson said. “It’s a program we believe in.”

A percentage of each job is donated to the WRC, and Johnson said as their business grows, so will the donations.

During the WRC fundraising event “Little Black Dress,” eight hours of free handyman service were donated from Doris’ Reliable Handyman Service, which Johnson said has helped spread the word.

“We do good work and we do a little bit of everything.”

He said they do not offer HVAC or electrical services, but nearly anything else under $2,500 can be done.

They had the idea about a month and half ago, but are receiving great feedback already.

“We try to give good, affordable service. We’ll do it once and we’ll do it right.”

Director of the Women’s Resource Center Patricia Bailey said when she first heard about the business venture and the support of WRC, she didn’t know what to say.

“The more I thought about it, the more sense it made,” Bailey said. “I thought of how needed these services were and how much these services would mean to the people who needed the services the most. I thought of the public awareness that would just naturally take place as a result of the services.”

Even the Reliable Handyman business cards have the WRC logo on them to let their customers know they’re helping out a great cause.

“I also thought of empowerment and how empowering it would be to have someone willing to believe in you and show you how to do and fix things you may have never thought you could do or fix on your own,” Bailey said.

She said she has only recently became acquainted with Johnson, but she has known and worked with Groseclose for years.

“I admire her strength, I admire her quiet ability to see and stay focused on the big picture. I am so grateful that her support of WRC and the victims of domestic and sexual violence we serve has been steadfast and rock solid for so many years.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Doris’ Reliable Handyman Service, call 304-520-2502 or visit their Facebook page.

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