The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

August 22, 2013

Man allegedly punctures tire in retaliation of perceived crime

By Jessica Farrish
Register-Herald Reporter

— It could be called a coincidence or a form of divine justice, but a score on a crime had been almost “evened” before Beckley Police showed up at the crime scene Wednesday morning.

Beckley Police Cpl. R.J. Gauldin reported that around 8 a.m., Clyde Oscar Miller III, 60, drove to a home on City Avenue and “punctured” a tire on another person’s vehicle.

Miller jumped into his Dodge Durango and hit the gas after allegedly flattening the tire, police said.

He’d driven not even a mile when the rear passenger-side tire rolled off his own Durango.

“He gets stuck right past the railroad tracks (near Mabscott), and the tire goes rolling down the tracks,” Gauldin said.

“He drove about 100 yards; he had a ‘touchdown.’

“It was about a football field (in length).”

When Gauldin and other officers were tipped off by a caller, they arrived on the railroad tracks and discovered Miller’s disabled Durango leaning lopsidedly just inches from the tracks.

“He could’ve gotten hit by a train,” Gauldin remarked.

Miller initially denied any knowledge of a “tire slashing,” but when police searched him, they discovered a folding buck knife in a side belt holster.

“He got nervous (when we found the knife),” Gauldin reported. “The more we talked to him, he finally confesses that he used the folding buck knife to puncture the tire.”

According to Miller, he had flattened the tire as a form of revenge because he believed the owner had stolen some slabs of meat and unidentified prescription medication from his home earlier.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” Gauldin said.

Miller was charged with a misdemeanor count of destruction of property, and he told police not to worry about investigating the alleged meat and medication thefts, Gauldin reported.

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