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November 5, 2013

Raleigh sheriff promotes 7 deputies

Raleigh County Sheriff Steve Tanner awarded seven officers with promotions Monday — one captain, two lieutenants and four sergeants.

“It isn’t very often we get to promote within the Sheriff’s Office,” Tanner said.

He said there are many layers of reasons for that, including budget considerations and the availability and the eligibility of people being promoted, so Monday was a special occasion.

The first promotion was given to Lt. Jim E. Bare, who will now become a captain.

“The highest rank you can earn as a deputy sheriff is captain,” Tanner said. “The rest are elected or appointed positions, which really don’t count for what is earned. It is also the very hardest to earn.”

Tanner said that it takes a very special person to be in law enforcement and a really unique person to be a deputy sheriff.

“And on top of all that, to achieve the highest rank you can achieve is monumental in the scope.”

Tanner presented Capt. Bare with his new badge and told him his promotion was “certainly very well-earned and deserved.”

The next two promotions were for Sgt. M.A. McCray and Sgt. T.L. Miles to lieutenant.

“You have received your first gold badge, something that is truly wonderful in law enforcement, but it comes with a tremendous responsibility,” Tanner said to McCray and Miles.

“You two have stepped up as sergeants and done a wonderful job in your leadership roles. You have given sound counsel and direction to the corporals and deputies under you and you have earned the rank of lieutenant.”

Four corporals, Chief Deputy Dave Stafford, Cpl. R.D. Richmond, Cpl. R.R. White and Cpl. L.L. Lambert, were promoted to sergeant.

Stafford received the appointed rank of chief deputy, but Tanner said he has earned the promotion to the sergeant rank.

“This is your first job that you have as a true supervisor,” Tanner said to the new sergeants.

“You guys have the entire future here in front of you. I know you are fully capable of leading this agency.”

He said these newly appointed sergeants will be closest to the deputies and corporals, who will turn to them as a supervisor.

“We have worked diligently at having a promotional pyramid so we have fewer at the top than we do at the bottom. We’ve finally gotten to the point where we can do that.”

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