The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

July 16, 2013

Fayette deputies break up big party in field

By Jessica Farrish
Register-Herald Reporter

— Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies were forced to act as “party poopers” Sunday night, after an impromptu party in a field close to a residential area got too big and loud.

Just after midnight, deputies were called to a “large, unruly party” at a field near the Cunard area, Fayette Sheriff Steve Kessler reported.

When the six police officers arrived — two of them off-duty officers who had responded from home — they discovered a crowd of 300 or 400 people, a DJ set up with an elaborate sound system and a “substantial quantity” of alcohol flowing, Kessler reported.

Some in the crowd were juveniles, Kessler added.

While several party animals fled into the woods at the sight of the police, deputies worked to reunite underage party-goers with their parents and to cite several adults for various misdemeanors, including possession of controlled substances and alcohol-related charges.

Kessler said the party had attracted people from Lewisburg and Wyoming, Fayette, Kanawha and Raleigh counties and Virginia, Tennessee and Texas.

“Apparently this was somewhat of a spontaneous gathering and word of this event was spread throughout the area by use of social media,” said Kessler. “This event was held in a primarily residential area and several area residents were disturbed by the loud music and the general disturbance caused by such a large crowd.”

Kessler said huge parties are rare in the area but have happened in the past.

He warned that large parties are “subject to regulation” and should be held in areas open to the public which are designed for large events.

“You can’t just find an open field in a residential area and invite a few hundred of your closest friends to come out and party with you,” said the sheriff.