The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 3, 2014

Historic Fayette Theater auditions slated for ‘Manny and Moo Moo’

— Audition dates will be March 15 and 16 from 2 to  p.m. each day at Historic Fayette Theater 115 S. Court St. Fayetteville.

The performance dates for “Manny and Moo Moo” are May 9, 10, 16, 17  and 18.

The director will be Jan Neal.

The cast needed for this production includes the following: two young women, two middle-aged women, one young man and one man of any age.

A synopsis of the play is middle-aged misanthrope Manny Pridemore wins $34 million in a lottery and he obtains means to achieve his long-term ambition in life: dropping out of it!

Once an idealist with dreams of being a successful painter, he now lives alone in a bungalow near the northern California coast, spending his days in indolent puttering, talking to his pet goldfish and darkly delighting in the notion that he no longer has to participate in what he believes to be a corrupt and hopeless world. But staying in a shell is turning out to be harder than Manny expected.

People react to his acquisition of wealth in ways ranging from peculiar to life-threatening. His second ex-wife is suing him for half his winnings, his first is trying to muscle her way back into his life, and his perky next door neighbor tries to win his heart with a steady supply of home-cooked goodies. But Manny’s greatest challenge comes when his young niece, Emily, turns up unexpectedly at his door, on the run from a troubled romantic relationship and dealing with life issues of her own.

Manny provides Emily with some much- needed refuge and avuncular advice, but she also will help him gain a new perspective on himself, and a new reason to believe in life and the future again.                    

For more information, contact the theater at 304-574-4655 or by e-mail at