The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

February 2, 2014

Company offering bathroom facelift without hefty bill

By Chris Boyd
Register-Herald Reporter

— With the slow economy, folks are looking to save money wherever they can. But they still want to improve their surroundings. Whether considering remodeling their bathroom or just giving it a quick facelift, that grimy, chipped or cracked tub could be holding them back.

A local business might have the answer you’ve been looking for without the hefty bill that comes with a full tub and surround replacement.

Honey-Do Handyman, a full-service construction company started by Matthew Nish and his brother-in-law, Brian Bell, has recently added bathtub reglazing to its long list of specialty services.

Reglazing a tub consists of three steps, four if the tub needs repairs. First they will strip off the stains and grime, then one of the Tub King certified crew will prime the surface to ensure adhesion and finally paint on the new, glossy coating.

If the tub is chipped or cracked, the technician can patch the tub before priming and resurfacing. All of the technicians have attended the Tub King company’s training program in Jacksonville, Fla., and are certified to apply this reglazing system.

The new surface can be cleaned as you would clean any other tub and carries with it a one-year warranty.

The process typically takes between three and four hours to complete and should be allowed to cure for 24 hours before using the tub.

The color of the glaze can be matched to any Sherwin-Williams hue, making it possible to conform to the walls or trim in your bathroom and satisfy your inner-decorator’s design whims on a budget.

Most bathtub replacements can cost thousands when factoring in labor and the cost of new fixtures. With this process the customer can expect a price tag of between $399 and $550 for what Nish says “completely looks like a new tub,” and he assures “it will last as long as a regular tub.”

If you want to go ahead and resurface the tub surround too, it is an additional $150.

Honey-Do has performed this rejuvenating reclamation on a number of tubs in the area including many units for Country Inns and Suites and Holiday Inn.

Nish also noted that if you want to change everything, Honey-Do can help you remodel too.

“Not everyone’s budget allows for a bathroom remodel. Replacing a tub is not just a matter of pulling out the existing tub and installing another in its place. There’s a lot more involved. You have to consider the plumbing aspect, damage to your existing tile or surround, etc.

“We, by no means, want to talk anyone out of a new bathroom remodel as we stay quite busy doing some amazing bathrooms. However, for someone on a budget, or with some discoloring, cracks or whatever it may be, our guys can make your bathtub practically brand new at a fraction of the cost.”

The business now offers 100 percent bank financing at a 10 percent rate with a minimum price of $1,000 and has added a dumping service with trucks available to haul for residents and businesses.

Nish and Bell’s other companies include Plumb-It and Wire-It. They cover all of Raleigh County and most of Fayette County.

Honey-Do Handyman can be reached at 304-890-5812, Plumb-It at 304-890-5429, and Wire-It at 304-890-3090.

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