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December 15, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012

Support pool project in Greenbrier County

Two years ago, a vote by the county commission made the dream of an indoor pool for Greenbrier County a reality. It took two years to get everything ready. It began with a lease between New River and the commission, followed by architectural plans, then the bids, next re-bids and finally the transfer of money.

Now, some Greenbrier County citizens have decided to file a lawsuit. Why were the concerns cited in the “Citizens threaten legal action” not brought forth at the commission meetings? Is it being done now because of a change in politics? Do you really want to divide more of the bed tax money among attorneys? Is litigation the only way to settle dissension in public opinion? Do lawsuits speak loudest when it comes to the commission members, the sheriff’s department and now citizens who feel they must support discord?

This pool is for Greenbrier County citizens. It is believed by some commissioners to be a much needed service. New River College is partnering with us in offering the county and surrounding communities an indoor pool. The college is in the business of education and not in the pool business, but offers citizens an opportunity that otherwise we cannot afford. Please do not allow this opportunity to have a much needed aquatics center dissipate.

Events offered at the Greenbrier County Fine Arts and Aquatics Center will include swim lessons to all age groups from infancy to senior citizens and deep and shallow water aerobics. Other classes will include scuba diving lessons, swim meet practices for students and grant-funded programs for children with special needs such as cerebral palsy and autism. Lifeguard lessons will be taught and jobs available.

After-school programs will be available for children with health issues such as hypertension and diabetes and the epidemic of obesity. There will be opportunities for the PUSH group to participate as well as others with physical challenges.

Support The Greenbrier County Fine Arts and Aquatics Center.

Cheryl Nutter

Project Manager



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