The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

November 30, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Friday, No. 30, 2012

Removal was legal, but was it ethical?

— Election 2012 has ended. A hardworking man, born in 1908, died at age 96.  He surmised society changed very little during his lifetime.

Morticians and lawyers were prosperous individuals in the scattered communities. Their services were often needed owing to the “honest handshake and an honest man’s word” concerning business transactions (Scoundrels can speak and shake hands).

A full belly bites the hand that fed it. The younger generation has desecrated and dismantled unions. Organizations their great-grandparents obtained by blood sacrifice, hungry families, and tears of acid. The young folk are “reaping their reward.” Lowered wages, longer hours, voided retirement benefits, health care neglected, protective laws not sternly enforced.

Warren McGraw voted out of office several years back. Now, Darrell McGraw will not be present to represent the laboring class of society. Track records showing that both were members of and protectors for the working class.

Dr. Jorea Marple’s unscrupulous vicious dismissal is extremely sad. Is it legal?  Dr. Marple represented innovative changes for the schools of West Virginia. Economically deprived or economically blessed; implement programs that enhance all schools (paper reading books, year-round calendar, advanced technology, meals).

I reminisce: early 90s — honest mistake — oversight — misunderstanding — Politician Robert Holiday — resigned – legality issue concerning job within corrections — no defense acceptable — no explanation accepted — Charleston appointed local celebrity to fill state Senate seat – denied reinstatement — Removal was apparently legal but was it ethical?

Dr. Marple removed. Will another generation of children vegetate within an antiquated politicized educational system?

Jack Platter Sr.