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November 18, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Sunday Nov. 18, 2012


Whining Republicans should grow up

I’ve been around a long time, but I have never heard so much whining and gnashing of teeth as the Republicans are doing over President Obama’s election.

The people have elected President Obama twice. He got both the popular and the Electoral College votes. Everyone knows that Bush stole the 2000 election and he didn’t even get the popular vote, yet there wasn’t nearly the uproar the Republicans are raising now.

The Republicans are proving they are not only the party of obstructionism but also the party of crazies and crybabies. Signing petitions to secede from the union! How crazy can you get?

The American people have spoken, so grow up and shut up. You are embarrassing yourselves. Instead of trying to demonize President Obama, try looking at what your candidate and his nutty running mate did wrong and why America soundly rejected their ideas.

Tom Rapp


Little Beaver Park needs chainsaw crew

On a recent walk through Little Beaver State Park it was apparent that the fallen trees and hanging limbs have not even been touched by park employees. A two- or three-man crew with a chainsaw could clean up the walking trail along the north side of the lake in a weekend.

There are some dangerous limbs hanging there, and walkers and cyclists have to go over downed trees and under broken limbs.

Where are the park employees? How come when I’m there fishing I see several of them standing around chatting or coming over to tell me I have to leave since only campers are allowed to park after dark.

I see some real nice four-wheel-drive extra-cab pickups that they drive around; did the state not assign them a chainsaw?

Mike Davis


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