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January 19, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013


Writers should cover more local games

Here we go again.

Please, The Register-Herald sports writers, there are more schools playing sports in your reporting area than Woodrow Wilson and Shady Spring.

On Jan. 3, you had good write-ups for Woodrow and Shady Spring basketball games, but there was another basketball game — Liberty and Pikeview — both in your reporting area and played in the same tournament that Shady Spring played in. For some reason your newspaper didn’t bother to report on this game even though you had a sportswriter at the ball game.

I won’t comment on which ball game was matched up better but I will comment on the better balanced team. Shady Spring had one player (Connor) that scored over 20 points (25) — Liberty had three players that scored over 20 points — Lyons (24), Cook (25), and McGee (25). Liberty and Pikeview (AA matchups) vs. Shady Spring (AAA) and Independence (AA) matchup.

Liberty and Pikeview subscribers are as worthy to get the same coverage as the other schools. We pay the same for your paper as the others do.

I played basketball in the late ’50s and early ’60s and Mr. George Springer was the sports editor and he didn’t have computers, and modern equipment that you have today. He had to use set type (one letter at a time) and he was able to give every school good coverage the day after the ball games were played.

I was able to watch the Shady tournament games and I know what the games were about, but others did not get to see the games and expected to read about them in your paper.

Please, we support and love our kids at Liberty High School and will accept no less of The Register-Herald.

Arnold R. Sizemore


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