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January 1, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013


Dr. Amjad right about need for principles

I’m writing this letter in response to Dr. Hassan Amjad’s article written Dec. 21. I humbly thank you, sir, for this position that you have taken.

Until our country returns to the biblical principles that we were founded on by our forefathers, we are going to continue to have the violence in which we are currently going through.

Respect for our fellow man is nearly gone by both kids and adults. Most of our children have no respect for their teachers or parents or, for that matter, adults and even for each other. Sadly, this respect comes from what they are being shown and taught at home.

My brother was teaching a grade school class in Mercer County when, lo and behold, a second-grade student pulled a straight razor on him there in the classroom. Respect starts at home, people — at home!

We have taken the Bible out of the schools and have become so liberal in this country that it’s pathetic.

Blame the guns? Nope! When I was growing up in the ’50s, we had an abundance of guns in our country, just as we do now. What we DIDN’T have was school shootings, police killings, gang violence and on and on. What changed? The attitude today is the government OWES me free food, free phones, free medical services, free this, free that.

And, too, why in the world are we allowing the illegal aliens that are sponging from the hard-working citizens of this country to collect these benefits?

And it goes on and on ...


Gary C. Calvert

Coal City

Thanks to those who made quilts for vets

Just a note to thank Marie Bailey and others who thought of the veterans at the VA this Christmas by making the quilts for them. This was a large project and took a lot of their time. Just wanted to let them know it was appreciated.

Some of the vets have little family and may be the only thing they receive. I got to see one of the quilts, and it was just beautiful. Kudos.


June Kornatowski


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