The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

December 21, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Friday, Dec. 21, 2012

Only God can correct our fall off moral cliff

Recent events of mass murders at elementary schools, shopping malls, cinema theaters, and temples make us wonder if we are safe anywhere. Politicians will make us believe that if you ban guns and send people to a psychiatrist, magic pills will turn them into wonderful, kind tree-huggers.

We have banned God from our lives, declared there is no distinction between bad and good and blame our mistakes on others. We have refused to be responsible parents. We do not believe in anyone, have respect for no one. We have become a pill-popping society. For a little pain or any problem, we need a pill.

To be politically correct, we not only have fallen off the moral cliff but have lost even the moral compass, too. We are afraid to say what is wrong with our generation, kids’ upbringing or upholding any moral values. We are proud to teach our 6-year-old kids to shoot and kill animals; television, movies, video games — every which way we glorify violence. We forget that we lost our soul and values in the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam war.

Can a psychiatrist, a pill or a 10-15-minutes visit with a psychologist cure all these problems of a dysfunctional family?

Roman politicians crucified Jesus and some American politicians and intellectuals crucified morality and declared war on God by banning school prayers and other everyday events of life. We are accountable to no one. We celebrate national holidays for dead politicians, but not for a living God, not one day of national prayer as a God-fearing nation, under one God, one flag. We have fallen off a moral cliff away from God.

If you want to get up and just want a “pill” so you can go back to sleep or stand in line for God’s mercy and blessing, the choice is yours. Some folks do not like religion. I understand. Every religion wants a monopoly and to erect its own toll booths, but in my humble opinion, anyone can reach God’s blessing. There are no toll booths and toll tax collectors for the road to salvation.

Hassan Amjad, M.D.