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November 24, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012

Voters bid farewell to democracy in U.S.

I was overcome with grief and nausea when my husband informed me that Barack Obama had won the election. We were both so upset that we couldn’t speak. My husband sadly shook his head as he walked out of the room. I was feeling too queasy to eat breakfast, so I retreated to the living room sofa.

By the early afternoon I felt slightly better, so I went to the store. The cashier at the check-out looked somber. When I inquired how he was doing, he gloomily replied, “I’ll feel better four years from now.”

I sympathized with the gentleman. Then, he told me that a a fellow employee had called in sick, because he was emotionally distraught about Barack Obama getting re-elected. I assured the cashier that a lot of West Virginians were probably feeling depressed and angry about Mr. Obama’s re-election.

I can recall feeling ill when Bill Clinton got elected to a second term. Somehow our nation managed to survive the moral vacuum of the Clinton years. But I am not so sure that the U.S. will be able to recover from four more years of Team Obama’s socialistic agenda.

Only time will tell — but I am not very optimistic about our country’s future with Barry Obama at the helm. British columnist Julian Mann asserts, “Under Mr. Obama the forces of political correctness in the U.S. have four more years to undermine the traditional Judeo-Christian family and to indoctrinate children with their ungodly dogmas.” That statement really sums it up, I think.

The American electorate who voted for Barack Obama essentially voted for the end of democracy. It is tragic that they willingly surrendered our country’s freedom to Big “Brother” Government. Our forefathers would be absolutely appalled!

It is also a shame that so many of today’s U.S. citizens suffer from the entitlement mentality. Gone are the days when the majority of Americans possessed a strong work ethic.

Unfortunately, we will all have to bid farewell to democracy, as Barack Hussein Obama and his minions continue to transform our nation into a secularized European-style socialist welfare state. May God have mercy upon our children and grandchildren.

JoAnn L. Fuir


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