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November 20, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012

Thanks for taking part in Veterans Parade

I would like to say thanks to all the veterans who either took part or were spectators during this year’s Veterans Parade in Beckley. The members off American Legion Post 32 and other volunteers did another great job this year. This year’s Veterans Parade was one of their biggest ever.

Each year I volunteer my time to help work with the American Legion on the parade by organizing the military vehicles that carry veterans in the parade. To me it is an honor to help them and in some small way I am remembering my father’s service to his country in North Africa, Sicily and Europe during WW II. It makes me feel good watching the veterans enjoying their special day and I realize if my father was there he would be smiling also.

Before anyone asks how they can get involved with next year’s parade, it’s simple. Either give me a call at my office (304-253-4444) or call Frank Cook at the American Legion (304-252-2219) and ask if you can be notified when the planning sessions will be held or next year’s parade.

Again, I would like to give my thanks to all our veterans.

Bill Miller


Don’t secede to show concern; use your vote

The names of those 6,000 West Virginians who signed the petition to secede from the United States should be made public.

Until this is done, the yoke of their act will hang around the neck of every citizen in West Virginia, just like the vote for a man in a Texas prison for president did.

West Virginia became a joke in places as far away as Afghanistan over that vote. Now those troops over there from West Virginia fighting for America, will be hit with the news that West Virginia hates America.

Senator-elect Hall sees this as an expression of displeasure of policies of the administration; I don’t, for that was done on election day with their vote.

I see it as hate, prejudice, disrespect for country and more love for a political party than democracy.

I expressed my concerns with my vote at the ballot box; I won some and lost some.

But one thing for sure I will never turn my back on America, regardless of how I feel about an administration’s policies or who got elected.

James McGraw


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