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September 13, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Friday, September 13, 2013

FAYETTEVILLE — Regarding DOMA, and homosexual issues

Liberalism on the agenda is on the verge with intent to destroy the United States as a superpower. The Supreme Court has declared it normal for same sex individuals to profess marriage. For benefits. The president calls a national athlete on the phone, and gives praise for him coming out as a homosexual.

The President of the Untied States also traveled to an African Muslim county, engaging in conversation with their president, to modify or change their stands on homosexuality. A person other than the president on a national stage would have a problem leaving the country.

The Koran, the Islamic bible, states to kill all infidels and homosexuals as part of its commandments.

Churches are beginning to change their viewpoints on philosophy on this matter.

There has been only one local minister I have heard, on radio station 620-AM on Sunday morning, Rev. Thomas Steelman, call this act exactly what it is, abomination. A layman as myself says without getting biblical expand the mind, envision this act as it stands.

History always repeats; countries have risen and fallen based on unnatural lewdness. Conversations I’ve had with associates have stated this is comparable to inter-racial opposite gender marriage or the Negro civil rights movement. How totally absurd on the merit. I engaged in this dialogue until the veins started popping out of their neck.

The situation will continue to deteriorate as the new generation takes over making policy. Peace, love, do your own thing will be the end of a superpower.

Leroy W. Brooks


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