The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

September 11, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Sept, 11, 2013

Prescription drugs and morality

“As the scale of balance sinks under the weight placed upon it, so must the mind yield to evidence things.” — Cicero

I’ve watched the prescription drug market grow and I’ve listened to people tell about the problems prescription drugs cause. I believe it is self-evident that the government does not want the problem to stop.

I don’t take pain pills, but people tell me these pills are laced with narcotics that cause people to destroy their lives to get them. These products may relieve pain, but they kill people one way or another. Either by obtaining them, trafficking or becoming an addict. Prisons are filling up.

These pills are made by pharmaceutical companies. The only people gaining from them are stockholders, retailers and drug dealers. They’re causing a much greater problem then they are solving. If they want to stop the problem, stop making the pills.

I can’t understand why the U.S. government doesn’t call a session right away and make a law to stop production of them in the USA and importing them.

The newspaper had an article about legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. They may be able to contain the usage now if they were the only drugs on the market, but if they legalize it for medicinal purposes, they are making a bigger problem of containment and take more law enforcement.

“Nothing is more discreditable then to have assertion and proof precede knowledge and perception.” — Cicero

The government is destroying the moral social environment. To my knowledge, President Nixon was the last person in the executive branch that loved children. The legislative branch has the power to amend the Constitution to have control over the judicial branch, but they have never tried.

The children’s moral social environment is in jeopardy. President Nixon tried to eradicate pornography and aggressive sexual behavior in the entertainment industry.

The irresponsible use of the birth control pill has interfered with sexual fidelity in relationships leading to the breakdown of the family unit and taking away children’s right to be protected, loved and taught by their biological parents.

We need an equal education amendment in our Constitution. We need a children’s rights movement and a law eradicating pornography. Families that work, play and pray together stay together. This is my opinion.

William M. Flanagan

Spring Dale