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October 13, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013

Distortions abound, require rebuttal

Dear Miss Comrade …

… As John Ransom of Townhall would say: I read your article published on Oct. 5 and found it offensive and inaccurate. Your lead-in statement, “If I were a comic strip character,” seems to be accurate, but hereafter, distortions abound.

Referring to the Republicans, you say: “John, Bonehead, Boehner is not a leader; he is a bully.” This sounds similar to the description often used to characterize President Obama, who no longer wants to talk to anyone.

You call Republicans “Congressional crackpots” and go on to say, “Under the Constitution, they are obligated to submit a budget to the president.” I thought this was the argument the Republicans used when the Senate failed to pass a budget for ... years?

You go on to say, “They care more about winning their petty grudges than talking to those who elected them.” It seems to me, they are bringing attention to the train wreck that Obamacare is, for the good of all.

You say, “Republicans are hell-bent on destroying the Union.” President Obama is the one who promised “change for America.” The public is rapidly discovering the evils of that promise.

And lastly, you say, “Their party has been hijacked by nut jobs.” The time has come for you to realize whose party has been “hijacked.”

The Democrats in control in Washington bear no resemblance to the Democrat Party that has controlled West Virginia for most of our lives. They protected the people of West Virginia. The Obama administration is the protector of massive government for the good of the government, to the detriment of the people.

Socialism is their goal; not Democracy … Government of the Rulers; not government of the People!

Richard Richmond, M.D.



Like pot other herbs can be misused

I read the article about marijuana in The Register-Herald. True, there is much debate, and rightly so, as to the legalization of this herb or weed or bush. When I think of marijuana in this respect, I cannot help but put it in proper perspective with many other herbs, plants, vines, bushes and trees.

Genesis 1:29 “Behold, I have given you every herb, bearing seed, which is upon the face of earth, and every tree which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed, to you it shall be for meat.”

Now, what is it we glean from this? Grain, for instance, corn, wheat, barley, rice — from all these come our whiskey; whiskey is a grain derivative. Moonshine and the hard stuff. Consider all the harm this does to individuals and families.

Now the fruit tress, berry vines, grape vines, etc. These are where our brandy comes from. These also contribute to DUI, broken homes, battered families and so on.

Now all of the above are heavily taxed. Consider if marijuana were legalized, controlled and taxed, consider the help it would mean. Of course, it should be under the care of, say, the Food and Drug Administration and pharmacies only were allowed to make the pills to help in pain control.

Of course, there would be violations. There always are. There will be those who will exploit the system. There always have been and always will be these kinds of people, just as it is with drunken driving and abuse of the product.

We need all of the herbs and such mentioned here in our diet and daily life. Mankind found the means to turn them into harm instead of help. God created all of these in the Genesis of all things.

Thurman Miller

Mount Hope

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