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December 10, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013

Wagon thief should rethink lifestyle

To the thief who came onto our property at Crab Orchard on Saturday, Oct. 19, stealing an ornamental red wagon with black wheels, decorated for fall with straw, lights and artificial pumpkins bought with my money for our pleasure:

Did you steal for pleasure, thrills or to sell? If anyone bought or received this item, they are guilty also. A thief doesn’t work, preys on the innocent, and takes what they paid for.

The jails and prisons are at capacity due to persons like this thief. A cozy cell awaits him or her.

One will come like a thief in the night taking myself and you, thief. This one is God, no sneaking or slinking away like a snake then.

Get a job, thief. My husband worked 43 3/4 years so we could have a comfortable life. We’ve been plagued by low-class thievery for several years. Only low-class citizens do what you do, prey on others.

Maybe someday you will make things right in your life; I certainly hope so. Do you work? Do you pay at the gas pumps or steal from these also?

How could your life be happy, being a sneaking snake lurking in the wee hours chancing being caught and branded the thief you are? Your thieving ways will end one way or another, most likely tragic.

A.D. Whetsel

Crab Orchard

Football ‘experts’ should be patient

Our WVU football team has gone through tough times this year and there has been a lot of finger-pointing from all the football “experts.”

Mickey Furfari has bad-mouthed the WVU staff from the AD on down ever since they have been there and, to some extent, so has Mr. Huffman. I don’t know where they get all their expertise, but there are a lot of reasons this football program is in this shape it is and it would take too much space to list them all. But I do feel WVU is headed in the right direction.

I am going to list one example why patience is required sometimes. The Baylor football AD hired Art Briles to coach their team in 2007. Here’s the record since his hiring: 2007 3-9; 2008 4-8; 2009 4-8; 2010 7-6. But look what he has done since: 2011 10-3; 2012 8-5; 2013 10-1 to date.

I would just guess that the Baylor fans are glad they stuck with Art Briles. Remember Baylor is in Texas where they are thousands of good recruits. WVU doesn’t have that luxury.


Ron Gray

Oak Hill

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