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March 21, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Friday, March 21, 2014

Providing iPads in schools is mistake

I only met Raleigh County Schools Superintendent Jim Brown a couple of times in his 19 months with the BOE, but I have been a parent in the BOE for nine years. The things that are happening with our kids now are not only discouraging, they are downright scary!

The decision to put iPads in the hands of all of our children was a HUGE mistake and instead of taking the grief and fixing the problem, Mr. Brown has decided to walk away, leaving a huge mess behind. If you don’t care anymore about this mess you have made, Mr. Brown, then see ya! But while you are going, take some of the BOE board members with you.

I know this may sound a bit harsh, but I care about all of the kids in our community and this mess needs fixed now! Step up, BOE board members, and take the iPads back, at least until you have worked out the issues of training the teachers and blocking the non-educational content.

BOE board member Rick Snuffer said not to judge the iPads yet; give them four years. My child will be heading to college in four years and the time that you ask me to give will have been critical to his future. He doesn’t have four years for you and the other members to figure this out.

I see first-hand what my kids do on these iPads. My daughter makes beautiful picture collages and my son has achieved great skills of architecture on his Minecraft games, but is this going to help either of them in their education?

We won’t even go into the pornography and other problems that our teachers are facing daily. Yes, the board is attempting to block this content, but let’s face it, our kids are smarter then you all think and they figure out how to go around the board’s blocks quicker and faster then the ones who are in charge.

As a parent, I suggest you take the iPads back. Let the teachers who have books on them be in charge of allowing the kids to use them in their classrooms. Or, better yet, buy the textbooks and go back to teaching subjects instead of technology.

Listen to the teachers. They are your frontline. Make a plan, then we can use the iPads to move ahead in the field of technology.

Kym Cox


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