The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 9, 2014

Our Readers Speak — Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thanks for perfect Valentine’s Day

Being a lover of Valentine’s Day, I want to share my Valentine’s Day.

Arriving twenty-five minutes after opening, the crowd in place, wait time one hour and 30 minutes. The room filled with couples and families, I began to feel uneasy about taking up a table knowing couples and families would benefit.

While waiting, I began to observe the staff, manners were perfect; the staff never raised their voices to communicate with each other or the crowd. Carrying trays above the shoulders, they moved gracefully through the crowd with a gentle excuse me when needed, working in perfect timing.

One hour and 30 minutes to the exact time the hostess, with a smile, said, “Ms. Cross, follow me.” I was in awe being called “Ms.” I immediately thought of my 83-year-old mother who’s in the hospital frequently being called by her first name or just a scanned band for a name.

A perfect table for two minus one equal me with a clean table cloth.

I sat next to a family where the mother was telling her little girls a story about her goat when she was a little girl — it caused a lot of problems, her darling daughter gave three scenarios of what she could have done: give the goat to Grandma, kill the goat, invite the goat to dinner to sit beside Dad; Dad chose B.

After a wonderful steak dinner with bread pudding in warm creamy sauce, I asked for the check; the waitress said your check has been taken care of, to my shock. I didn’t know anyone in the room.

When leaving, the parking attendant said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.” Later I could hear him whistling like Harpo Marx. I forgot my to-go food; the hostess was running with my food. I was appreciative that she went out of her way; she hugged me and said Happy Valentine’s Day.

I want to thank the mystery person who paid for my dinner and thank the Char for making my Valentine’s Day absolutely perfect.

D.L. Cross