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August 15, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012

Support prosecutor’s request to commission

I am writing to express my support to the request that the Prosecuting Attorney’s office has recently made to the Raleigh County Commission.

I am a psychiatrist who has been practicing in the Beckley area for over 30 years. In that process, I am very familiar with some of the issues that are being raised by the Prosecuting Attorney’s office with regard to the request for a special investigator and also the need to increase the salaries of the (assistant) prosecuting attorneys.

As part of my work as a psychiatrist, I come very much in contact with the elements that they are referring to, and I can understand the issues they face dealing with criminal elements every day as part of their job. We have particular issue in this area dealing with prescription and non-prescription drugs, and obviously the problem gets much more severe and significant when we are dealing with these drug dealers.  Sometimes there are a lot of out-of-state elements, gang-type activity, etc.

I am writing this open letter and also asking other readers to come out in support of this request. I believe that our Prosecuting Attorney’s office and the people involved there and connected with our legal system are the best in the state. They have brought more people to justice and have certainly made this a safe place for all of us.

I have nothing but praise and high regards for them, and I am humbly requesting the commission to seriously consider their request and OK the appointment of this special investigator and certainly work on getting the prosecuting attorney’s salaries increased.

Ahmed D. Faheem, M.D.


Put tax on items made outside the U.S.

I would like to know why somebody has not put a import tax on all the stuff coming back in the USA from all these plants that went to all these other places like China and the rest. All you have to do is look at everything you buy, it is made outside of the USA.

If they don’t make it here, then there should be a big import tax put on it to sell it here.

We need all those jobs back here. Stop the free trade act and bring them jobs back to the U.S.

Grover Adkins

Oak Hill


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