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October 3, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jerry Rose has had a big impact on many

There are many people in Beckley who are worthy of praise and who have influenced many lives. However, I want to bring further attention to a man who has influenced so many young lives over the years that they are too numerous to name individually.

My daughter first met this man at the age of 4, and at age 40, I am still able to see the positive influences he has had on her life. He teaches all the young people with whom he comes in contact that they are special, they are loved, and builds their self-esteem in every avenue of their lives.

Now, my granddaughter is fortunate enough to receive his magnificent teachings. She was a very shy little girl the first time she met him. However, she began to blossom from a bud into a beautiful flower. He shows her love and kindness wherever he may see her. She idolizes him and is so excited when she sees him. She wants to share any positive events in her life with him before anyone else.

He has taught her to love herself and to love others. He has taught her to be a charming ballerina, tap and jazz dancer and most important, to be herself.

Many of his students have the same feelings about him and love him dearly. She is only 8 years old and has been with him for five years now. I can only imagine how much she will have learned by the time she is with him eight more years.

This man has won many awards and much acclaim, however the lessons he teaches go far beyond dance. Many parents, children and even grandparents have had the honor of being taught by him.

Dear Mr. Jerry Rose (owner and teacher of Dance Theatre School), you are loved by all of these people. It is said there are angels that walk among us. Indeed, I am sure this is true and you, Mr. Rose, are one of these.

I am speaking not only for myself but for many others, also. We love you and thank you more than you will ever know for all that you have done for the people of Beckley. May God bless you and keep you near us always.

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Our Readers Speak