The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

August 10, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013

Is this what we want?

The other day when the Democrats went to the EPA to try to gain leeway with jobs for coal I was proud that they asked West Virginia Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts to join them. They had chosen him as one of the 15 that they were permitted to bring. I took this as an honor bestowed upon him and a show that this trip was about West Virginia’s interest as a whole, not political, but for real.

Now I am very disappointed in him turning down this offer of trying to work together and then using it politically. Does anyone understand that we as Americans are sick and tired of bickering and failure of working together? I suppose we can expect this from Mr. Roberts; instead of making positive promotion of West Virginia he has constantly referred to it as a “hell hole.” Thanks for your good works; I am sure this will help develop our state as one people or business will want to locate in.

Mr. Roberts has always been there to give us his opinion; he let us know that West Virginia teachers don’t care about their students, just their pay. He wants more Republicans voted in the House of Delegates so they can take over the majority.

That is just what we need, a gridlock just like we now have in Washington. The Republican Party had all power in the ’30s when the real coal war was going on. I suggest you read this era of our history and find out that the coal miners of the day begged the Republicans for help and received a deaf ear. Maybe this is why they have been the minority ever since.

Work together, not apart!

Mel Kessler