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August 1, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reader argues against religious monument

Reasons against Ten Commandments monument (on courthouse lawn in Pineville)

1) Violation of separation of church and state

2) Advocates that science is to be over looked: science has demonstrated time in and time out that the supernatural is not real. The First Commandment tells us that gods (or the Christian God) does not exist. Children in schools must be taught “known facts,” not religion i.e. lies and superstition. I hope we do not still live in the Dark Ages. So why wish superstition upon our youths?

3) There are other versions of the Ten Commandments in the Bible, not as nice. Why overlook them? Leviticus: gays (homosexuals) are to be killed, adulterers are to be killed, nonbelievers (skeptics, atheists) are to be killed, etc. I see no love here! And witches are to be killed (found in the Good Book or as some might say “The Good-For-Nothing Book”).

4) This hoists up a symbol of mental tyranny, for the Bible encourages slavery as a good thing. Peoples and “outsiders” are to be mistreated, tortured, property and wives and children stolen and used by God-fearing Christians. I see no love here either. The Bible is red -— red with blood.

5) “Thou shall not kill” — if this commandment is to be obeyed than those that take a life, including soldiers and police officers, are sinners. Whether “murder” or “to kill” — both extinguish a living being.

6) The Top Cosmologist — Stephen Hawking — and many others, have stated that God did not create our universe. Thus the First Commandment must be a lie, once again.

7) “Freewill” and a “Soul” have yet to be found.

Wyoming County Circuit Clerk David “Bugs” Stover asks why, if God wasn’t in the right, have there been so many monuments erected across the nation (on government /public property). Because the Christian majority  has crammed “their” religion down our throats. Might makes right, surely he doesn’t imply that God intervenes and makes these decisions “for us”? Or fated us — does he? Where in all of this are  the minority rights protected?

Lonnie Bailey



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