The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

May 21, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fayette schools — mo money, mo problems

Once again Fayette County Board of Education is gearing up to ask for more money for another bond levy.

I ask myself, “Do they think we have forgotten that they cannot manage money? Do they think we have forgotten how they have wasted money in the past? Do they think we have forgotten that they left a burned out building on Main Street in Mount Hope, and spent the money elsewhere? Do they think we have forgotten how they closed Mount Hope High and Middle schools, then stated that they are going to do a 180 and now allow communities to keep their schools?”

The only thing they know how to do is ask for and spend more money.

Worse than that is the quality of education the children of Fayette County are getting, ranked 53 or 54 out of 55 counties in West Virginia. Ask parents of students in the schools if they think their child is getting a good education. Is this the standard they have set, or is this the best they can achieve? And their answer is to give them more money?

When the state took over, they tried to blame all the problems on Mount Hope, yet telling Mount Hope they weren’t going to be singled out and other schools would follow. They say what they think someone wants or needs to hear, but it makes no sense. Giving them more money is not the answer.

Fayette County and West Virginia Boards of Education should adopt the motto: Mo Money Mo Problems.

Now they are approaching the people who voted time and again not to give them money and are saying, “OK, just give us the money, many millions, and we promise to do something different with it this time.”

How stupid do they think we are? The county and state boards of education cannot be trusted with even one penny of our tax dollars. Once they get your hard-earned dollars, they could decide to do whatever they want with it.

Also, the board members are simply for their own personal interest. Just listen at any board of education meeting. The board member from Oak Hill is for a school in guess where? Oak HIll. The board member from Fayetteville is only interested in Fayetteville. The one from Meadow Bridge is all about saving which school? Meadow Bridge. And Valley wants a football field.

How about an education for the children? Anyone on the board of education interested in that? They are even saying that they will give Mount Hope a new elementary, the same thing they said when they closed the high school. Now they need a bond for this? Give me a break.

If you are dumb enough to give them even one penny, you deserve what you get.

Thomas “TB” Brown

Mount Hope

Welfare drug tests only punish the poor

In reply to the three people who responded to my letter opposing drug testing for welfare recipients:

First, the incredulous Mr. Porterfield stated that many employers, as well as some students and instructors, are required to undergo drug testing. When employers require drug testing, they pay for the testing, and as far as I know, teachers in West Virginia are not required to be tested.

Ms. Hensley asked, what could go wrong with testing these people? Well, Florida (that bastion of intelligent voters) passed such a law and found that only 2 percent of applicants for benefits failed the test. Florida taxpayers paid a whopping cost for the tests; additionally they pay the cost of administrating the program, creating a new group of bureaucrats with nothing to administer.

Also you showed your lack of empathy for the kids when you stated that only the recipient’s kids would be affected. I guess to you, they are just collateral damage.

You are all so worried about your precious taxes, why aren’t you concerned about the real money, i.e.: the state just gave the Greenbrier golf tournament a $500,000 check as a down payment to sponsor their golf tournament. In the past two years the state has given the tournament $1.85 million to be a presenting sponsor of the tournament. The state has paid the Old White Charities about $5.1 million since 2011. I would much rather my taxes go to help a fellow human being rather than give it to a billionaire to sponsor a golf tournament.

You’re really not that concerned about the distribution of taxes, you just want to punish the poor. Why do you assume that everyone on welfare is on drugs? Thousands of food stamp recipients are working full time and most have never taken an illegal drug.

Why do you feel you have to look down on the less fortunate? Does it make you feel more superior? I’m sure none of you have ever been down on your luck or missed a meal.

Ms. Williams, as for my name calling, if it looks like a weasel, crawls like a weasel and smells like a weasel, then it must be a Republican.

Tom Rapp