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September 7, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Friday, Sept. 7, 2019

Congress, not president, has government’s power

We go to the polls in less than three months to elect a government for the next four years. Does it really matter who goes to the White House? Not so much. But wait. Isn’t this the election of the Commander-in-Chief, the Head Cheese, the Grand Pubah, the fixer of all things broken?

Yes it is; but for all the pomp and circumstance and the trappings of office, the president is really only the public face of America, not the king.

The power really resides in the Congress. They control the budget, so they decide where the money goes, who gets a break and who doesn’t. They control the legislation, or lack thereof, the taxes, the regulations, they bless or reject the nominees for cabinet posts and agency heads, the very senior military leaders and federal judges.

The president only proposes to or asks the Congress. He does not have the power to enact laws or control taxes or spending or appoint people on his own.

It is vitally important that your choices for the Congress are people you trust and not just people who have turned “service” (as the forefathers envisioned) into very lucrative lifetime careers. Think very carefully before you pull the lever or push the button for the “good old boy/girl” who has been there for years (and accomplished nothing to speak of).

Make sure that more of the same is what you want. If not, send someone else.

Tim Thomas


Diver restores family’s faith by returning wallet

If our faith was waning in humanity at any degree, a super nice guy by the name of Darren White restored it back to 100 percent.

While scuba diving he found our son’s wallet at the bottom of Summersville Lake, with everything still in it. Put it in a ziplock bag to keep everything in it from sticking together until he found the owner.

Thank you Darren for being such a super nice guy. It was our pleasure to have met you, Darren White of Charlotte, working in Fayette. Thanks again.

Rosemary, Gary and John O’Dell



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