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October 30, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obama administration destroying the country

President Obama and his administration are destroying this country slowly but surely, it is all part of the liberal-progressive game plan. The end justifies the means. This would not be happening without the blessing and help of the mainstream media of which The Register-Herald is a participant. Your paper is so blatantly a cheerleader for (Rep. Nick) Rahall and the Democratic Party. The question needs to be asked? Does Rep. Rahall have a vested interest in The Register-Herald?

President Obama speaks to young college students who he can snow and to others he can bribe with freebies.

The average middle-class and hardworking Americans have no chance. We pay the bills and support the less fortunate and those on the take.

This country is in trouble. If and when it goes down the tube, the blame will be the media’s, including newspapers like yours.

Obamacare is a joke. Obama needs to talk with the Republicans and make Obamacare better. I firmly believe President Obama wants a race or class war in America so he can declare martial law and make himself president for the duration.

There are two things the U.S. should keep in mind. Obama would like to change the law so he can run for president again and don’t rule out Michelle trying to become president in 2016.

Mr. Obama owes (CNN’s) Candy Crowley and most of the news media a big thank you for helping him to become a two-term president.

Wake up America.

Allen B. Myers Jr.


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