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October 23, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013

A bully is only a bully if you allow them

After reading so much about kids being bullied at school and online, I feel compelled to share my little bully experiences.

Growing up, I was always the smallest and youngest boy in my class because of the way my birthday fell. So needless to say, I was an easy target for bullies.

In the fourth grade I was picked on daily by a boy who was a good foot taller than me and I’d say 50 pounds heavier. I remember the day when I said “That’s all I can take.”

I told him I was coming to his house after school and I was gonna’ stand up to him. He laughed at me and made the usual bully remarks.

After school, I got on my bike and went to his house and he came out. We fist-fought all over the place and I don’t know how, but I beat the tar outta that boy. The next day at school he had two black eyes and I had none. He never bullied me again.  

Another instance arose in the ninth grade. One of the “tough guys” on the football team decided he wanted my Slushie one day at lunch. I refused to give it to him, so he grabs my shirt collar and demands it. So I gave it to him, all over his face. He picked me up and tried to sling me to the ground and when he let go of me I took his shirt with me. So with his tattered shirt in my hand, I walked off to get me another Slushie.

The shirtless bully never harassed me again.

Now I’m not saying the violence is the answer. But standing up for yourself and what is right IS. A bully is only a bully if YOU allow them to be.

Darren Blankenship


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Our Readers Speak