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October 1, 2013

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013


Never be complacent with nation’s security

In the eyes of the world and our enemies, our country is down economically and our security policy is complacent. We are seen as weak and a paper tiger militarily in this administration.

We have become complacent with the dangers our country faces. We were once feared and revered as a superpower nation for standing our ground, backing our soldiers and finishing something once we are involved. Now our country gets involved in civil wars and wars they don’t want to call wars, such as Vietnam, and our young men and women perish and our country bails with no purpose or reason for going.

We go without knowing the mission or solving it, we don’t back our military or soldiers, we bail and the country, our soldiers and their families mostly carry the burden when they come home.

We are lax on security when actors, entertainers go siding with anti-American countries and our country should say “Don’t Bother Coming Back”. When citizens are watched more than people in security positions, that’s why military and security information is getting out.

Hacking from foreign and domestic positions is accomplished because our government is complacent with security or military information. Sept. 11 taught us not to be complacent that we must be vigilant, prepared with security, military and with intelligent security information on those, in and out of our country, that would harm our country or our citizens.

Never forget.

Carole Williams

Shady Spring

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Our Readers Speak