The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

October 30, 2012

Our Readers Speak — Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012

Our beloved friend will be truly missed

— Our beloved friend, Kenneth Russell Day Sr., was laid to rest Sept. 7. He was a wonderful, kind, loving, gentle man. We miss him so very, very much!

Kenny always had his heart in the right place. He honored God, loved his family, was loyal to his country and helped his neighbors and friends without being asked.

Kenny deeply loved his wife, Linda. He often talked about her pretty hair and skin. He bragged on her cooking skills and stated that his “favorite restaurant” was their home. Kenny loved his children with a love that was more than love. His two granddaughters were the “jewels” of his life. One year, Kenny spent the entire winter constructing a dollhouse for his granddaughter. He’d ask the girls their favorite colors and then paint their bedrooms those colors. Kenny was truly a family man.

If a neighbor or friend needed help, Kenny would drop everything and hurry to solve their problem. He mowed neighbors’ yards for free. Kenny helped everyone.

Kenny definitely had a green thumb. His garden was so pretty; the plants were in perfectly straight rows; never any weeds. When his plants matured, his neighbors and friends were treated to beautiful vegetables all summer.

Kenny helped install two doors at our home and he emphatically refused any payment. He stated, “Friends don’t charge friends!”

We enjoyed his company tremendously! He teased in a manner that was actually complimentary.  Kenny was friendly, always smiling, and a joy to be around. He was a “prince of a man”!

Kenny left all of us a beautiful legacy. If we all lived a life like Kenny’s, we’d have a beautiful world full of love, peace, kindness, gentleness, respect and compassion. If the world had more Kenny Days, we wouldn’t have policemen, jails, judges, prisons — they wouldn’t be needed!

Good-bye to our very dear and special friend. We were fortunate to know him. He touched our hearts — what a blessing for us! He truly possessed a heart of gold and a beautiful soul.

Try to imitate Kenny Day’s life and make the world as nice for others as he made our world nice for us. He was truly one of Beckley’s finest.

Jack and Helen Clemens